Monday, November 10, 2008

My 80s Music Addiction

I recently found this song after hearing John Davison mention it some time ago on the 1up Yours podcast, and cannot by any means prevent my desire to listen to this song; which is again and again.

My love for this song is bizarre, intrinsic, and seemingly osmotic.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Gripe on School

School doesn't teach students to write, or communicate clearly, concisely, eloquently, or even articulately, yet it is typical for students to feel tremendous self-gratification by good grades. As in a society such as this, good grades are essentially understood to precisely equal intelligence, though good grades indicate an ability to learn quickly and fully. Sadly, or at least by my perspective, I feel school doesn't properly offer a sanctuary for articulate growth and expressive ingeniousness, but inversely a standard, objective-based teaching process that focuses solely on factual, menial learning, and not on the true enjoyment one may feel when appropriately and accurately expressing and assessing the deep, abstract feelings and emotionally-tied words of themselves and others clearly and concisely (which may quite possibly be two words that are least likely to ever be witnessed apart); which in part results in society with the common public accepting of the fact that our nation's most prominent politicians don't even write their speeches that they are heroically quoted in history by. It's actually quite a sad reflection on Americans' general ability to express themselves, which has by early teaching potentially been impedimented by a lack of emphasized English classes.

Maybe I am hypocritical in this assessment, and may not be eloquent or articulate by any and every regard possible. Although I do know for a fact that my detestation for traditional, by-the-books students who perceive themselves intelligent is extreme. Nosy, little, teacher's-pet students who learn nothing independently, criticize anyone who has dissimilar thoughts than he or she does, and use no diction other than the diction used by his or her teacher pains me to an unimaginable extent to say the least. As I feel I do everything in my mere or potentially great power I withhold to avoid such a circumstance.

I am self-taught,
I am pretentiously articulate, eloquent,
communicationally logical,
I am not the typical student,
as I am Michael Lenoch, I am learning each and every day