Sunday, January 25, 2009

To 1up Yours Crew, from Michael Lenoch



Direct Download Link for 1UP Yours ep. 164


You all have no idea how much I would like to make my font size the largest, but hopefully my sentiments will speak louder than a mere size.

I cannot imagine my life without 1up Yours. I can't believe I've felt such an indescribable emotional connection with people I've never met before. I can't believe people who drink alcoholic beverages and have discussions about video games would so colossally spark my interest in writing and the video game industry as something that would be viable for me as a profession. It's unimaginable that the entire 1up Yours crew shaped the little, tiny voice inside my head that tells me what to write -- intelligent or otherwise illogical. So much of what I try to be as a person stems from the 1up Yours crew.

John -- blatant honesty
--His organic nature, his personality to enjoy life, and to not ever be totally invested in anything
Shane -- exaggerated expression; or maybe him just saying the word "Bombastic", while emphasizing every syllable of the word
-- Definitive personality
-- Obstinance
Garnett -- his logic and sense (Which is not to denounce Garnett for his typically refutable opinions, but rather his excellent problem solving)
Luke -- nothing, because there's no way I'll ever be as funny as Luke
And all the other numerous guests have contributed in ways I'm sure I'm not even aware of

You all have no idea how lucky you are to be a part of the 1up Yours crew.I'm grateful I was born when I was, and coincindence had it that I would stumble upon 1up Yours as I did, and listen to what would be the greatest podcast in the history of radio shows.

Breathtaking ending. If only I knew people who felt as enthusiastically about games and 1up Yours as I do. Thank God there's boards though. But there is one very integral aspect missing from the boards -- your voice. Text only tells a fraction of what someone feels, and that's why what anyone may say on the internet can so easily be mocked, as anything can be interpreted a number of ways drastically divergent of the intention.

Finishing that final episode felt like finishing a great novel, filled with many twists and turns, and very deep-seeded relationships that will last a lifetime -- thank God there was a podcast made to capture all the magic.

I think this is why I want to be in the gaming industry. I want to discuss games in this sort of fashion. Whether I play "devil's advocate" or truly feel compelled to voice my argument, I love talking about games and most likely always will.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Profoundness of a Mirror-Inspiration

By: Michael Lenoch

Last year, I attended a public high school for my freshman year, and was met by a tremendous sense of a mirror, or opposite inspiration due to my relatively fervent effort and high hopes to one day reach the private Catholic high school I originally should have set my sights on prior to beginning high school.

But now that I currently attend the Catholic high school I worked so hard to get into, I have found it more difficult to work just as hard as I did at the public high school, as there are fewer stupid individuals to live as the opposite of.

And by that account, I believe it was so easy to work hard at the public high school because of the utter stupidity, laziness, and gluttony I witnessed of illegal substances teens are notorious for such as weed and alcohol. I think the poor attendance and lack of effort I witnessed at the public school provided a constant, opposite inspiration of a terrible work ethic and lifestyle that I was committed never to never live by.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Balance of thinking in and outside the box

By: Michael Lenoch

After exhausting one's self over the tumultuous labors of homework and other arduous tasks, I've come to find that when being forced to work with a work ethic that holds no similarities with spontaneous and immediate creativity one's level of eloquence and articulation has a tendency to temporarily suffer when no constantly exercised. 

In other, less as evasive words, I've come to find that when working without any creativity for a certain period time,  one's unique personal thoughts tend to suffer.