Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Vagary open to Interpretation

I didn't know what I was doing. I was in a foreign territory. My heart was racing. I was unsure as to what was going on and what to do next. It was a fantasy that had played out thousands of times in my head before; yet finally, it was happening right in front of me.

I did nothing but sat still. Clearly, that was not what was to be done in this sort of situation. I had no experience, no exposure; no one hat taught me, nor told me. I was as stunned as a puppy in front of a locomotive screeching to a halt.

After that, things dissolved.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Throwback Series: Solitary Importance in the modern world

The throwback series is an opportunity for me to clear my Notes application on my iPhone and to keep my older writings on the cloud. These are unedited and may be very, very bad. 

Written December 3, 2009

Solitude holds a crucial significance in society today, as a society lacking such could only be speculated to amount to a thoughtless, depressed slave state. Without contemplation or contemplative meditation, the human mind loses sight of the ultimate goal in life, not to mention a noticable lack of improvement in social interaction as well as one's accuracy of  expression of past occurences. It is quite incredible what one can learn of one's self after deep contemplation. The sense one may understand after a social interaction is more clearly analyzed when under a barrage of contemplation; by regards to what one potentially could have more accurately expressed, as well as in gratification of what one aptly expressed. It is nigh certain that even without intending to reflect on past events, contemplation is subconscially performed if for example, something is learned during that particular event, then it may be compared with a currently ocurring event; thus it is considered to be contemplated. With the constant flow of life never halted to reflect on past events, life is nearly meaningless. When experiences are not recreated and enjoyed once again to a possibly fuller extent in our minds, life can be succinctly described as "taken for granted."