Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 30

As of yesterday morning I have finally vanquished my virginity. 

After it happened, I sensed a great deal of tranquility take me over; no more hunting more a mate, no more lonely toiling. 

If I wanted to, I could have accomplished this feat long ago with 21 years of age. But I believe in something called integrity. 

I told myself if I was going to do it, then I was going to do it with someone I love and not for purely physical reasons. I was going to wait long enough until I felt comfortable with her and Goddammit, it was going to be romantic, not slutty. 

Given I was raised using fear tactics of rape instead of images of love-making, each gradual stripping of clothing was allowed only by a constant asking, "May I do this...?" She never told me to touch her anywhere, but she never said "no" either. 

The experience as a whole was saved in part due to how I like her as a person and the constant kissing, which reminded me the proper meaning of sex. In truth, it wasn't as enjoyable for me as it was my partner, likely due to the condom. 

After it all, we took a shower and later a bath together while listening to jazz. That was magical. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 28: the Huffington Post says I done good!

Just yesterday, I wrote about the things I thought I did right and wrong. Very ironically, this article from the Huffington Post, mirrors just about everything I did on the date.

Let's take the tips the 'Post recommends one-for-one and compare what I did.

"1. If you meet a woman and you go out on a date and had a decent time, call her and ask her out again." Check. 

"2. Ask a woman at least three questions about herself. " Duh. It's not snobbish of me to say I'm a rather good conversationalist because I rarely talk about myself unless asked. I probably asked her 20 questions about herself! (Although, maybe at a certain point, it's a bit much... [Oh, who am I kidding, I always doubt myself! Well, that comes with having so little success with women, I'm always trying to pinpoint what ingredient of the recipe is missing!])

"3. If your best friend is a single woman, you will need to explain that dynamic at some point." For better or for worse, that never came up in the conversation.

"4. If you have ever been married or are still married by law, that's important information to share. On date #1." I'm a 21-year-old single guy. Always have been. Oh, not the 21 part, but the part about being single. Not really something to worry about...

"5. Pay for the first date." This was even in my list of things I did right.

"6. Don't shovel food in your mouth." We didn't eat, but given I was raised by a fine woman, I really doubt this is something of concern for me.

"7. Smile. Laugh. Smile more." I smile, laugh and smile more when I am with people all the time. I enjoy peoples' company, indiscriminant if I want to be their friend or something more. In fact, the one I was with turned red on multiple occasions. 

"8. If you have more than one cat, you may want to save that nugget until date #7." Never had a cat. Don't plan on getting one.

"9. If you're super-close with your mom and sisters, that's sweet and most women will find that sensitive and endearing." Perhaps forgot to mention that I take after my mother more than anyone else, but as I mentioned earlier, I prefer to talk about the person with whom I am talking to keep conversation flowing and it was also not pertinent to the conversation we were having. So that's a "no."

"10. Again, men, CALL HER." HELLO? I did, bitch. If you never want anything to do with me ever again during your entire life on this planet, why give me your number, walk me to my door and laugh, smile and turn red so when you were with me so much? Just trying to be nice? That's a bit too nice and clearly, mislead me into thinking you liked me. 

Don't play with guys' hearts. Especially desperate (and as I've been told, sweet, good-looking [not my opinions, so don't get angry at me]) guys like me who really mean everything they say and do. Oh, and important side note, never had anyone ever significant in his love life. 

Get it?!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 27: How to Date German Girls (What I think I've learned)

So, after this girl has not responded to me for what has to have been a little less than 36 hours (but who's counting? [sigh]), it's more than likely she never wants to ever see me again. And that's fair. I can barely count the number of girls who have felt this way about me. But what I say to that is that these girls have misunderstood me, never bothered to try to understand me or made false assumptions about me.

In the past, I've thought revealing that I'm a virgin early on may alleviate some problems (I thought girls were paranoid of men who want sex), but no. It only serves to make you look needy and creepy. Surprise. But how was I to know?

Now, let me review the mistakes I made on the coffee date:

1: Talking too quickly

I was genuinely nervous to meet this girl, because this was the first time I had ever talked to a girl online before meeting her in person (usually the girl should feel this way, not the guy, I digress). My nervousness was easy to identify by the speed at which I spoke, the frequency at which I went to the bathroom (thrice, to be exact) and how uncomfortable I appeared with dead air, as I constantly was moving on to new topics, even if they were trivial.

Today at my university, there was a tour day for high schoolers and I noticed there were some awfully attractive girls with some otherwise rather nerdy looking guys. I think what German girls look for subtly attractive guys, who are quiet, nonchalant, non-flashy, occasionally funny and not easily impressed or excitable. To me, that's the essence of boring. I cannot, nor want to ever be that way. So if the blonde German girls I so [shamefully] lust after seek something like that, they can forget about me providing such stoicalness.

There is almost certainly this notion that the above mentioned personality traits are what constitute "manliness" in Germany. In America, it is rather different; a more exaggerated idea of strength, willingness to fight spontaneously, stand for what one believes in to any end, dress with little regard and to center one's life solely around sports and little else.

2: Showing my pink iPhone

My life is a joke. Life is not meant to be taken seriously. Actually, nothing is to be taken seriously. It is all what we make of it. I got a pink iPhone because I think it's hilarious and I enjoy seeing peoples' reactions when they see a man wielding it. Yet, given this girl's values are more on the conservative, (BORING) German (ALSO BORING) side, a funny man who does not take himself seriously (contrary to all the dating guides I've ever read, which I mean, they should all be right, or am I missing something?) is not something she is looking for.

3: "Lying"

OK. Important clarification. I am one of the most honest people in the known world. I do not kid myself, I poke fun at myself and hell, read my other Loser Love Diaries to see how incredibly honest and open I am with my readers (anyone on the internet who can type in Flammblog.blogspot.com)!

Yet, a girl I barely know, and one, who in turn barely knows me is not so likely to believe that when she already thinks I'm a liar. You see, (as I alluded to in an earlier post), I made my Tinder account say I am actually 26 to see if my chances of getting in touch with a girl were any higher. But because I am so honest, I told her I am actually 21. Why is that such a big deal when she is 23...? Leave it up to women to make mountains out of molehills.

It's very German of me to only look on the bad side of things, but let me reflect on what I actually, incredibly, did well during the date:

1: Kept conversation flowing

Yes, there is a balance to keep when talking to girls, however, I would argue that talking too much rather than too little is preferable. It keeps the girl engaged and if anything, entertained.

2: Complimented her

Right after we sat down at the cafe, I complimented her, telling her she is much prettier in person than in the pictures, to which she turned red.

3: Paid

It's a sign of a good man when he pays, without even hinting at the possibility of the girl paying. Smartly, I also asked her if she wanted something else as I ordered a water after my coffee. While looking at her, I paid and thanked her for the invitation. Classy. Or so I think.

4: Went in for the kill

OK, not really. I didn't pull a Brazilian (kiss on the first encounter), however, I did have the cajones enough to ask for her number. I did it with a straight face and she obliged. What I wonder most of all, however, is what was running through her mind as I asked her. Because that's after all what I am still contemplating. Why would you give a guy your number if you have no intention of ever seeing him again? To let him down easy? To tease him?

Bonus round: one thing she did that confuses me to this day (albeit, this date was only a couple of days ago).

She walked me home. I didn't know where she lived and I said, "Oh, I'll walk home this way" and she offered, "Oh I live along the same street, let me come with." OK...? Never had a girl this eager for anything. Why then, would you ask me out for coffee, turn red multiple times as I compliment you, pay for your coffee, give me your number, text me, telling me that you enjoyed our time together and yet not respond for nearly two days? It doesn't at all add up!

I titled a previous Loser Love Diary "I think too much," which proves ever true. Maybe she is yet again engulfed in her doctor studies and would actually enjoy spending more time with me (or is just a really be sadist and enjoys witnessing me pull my hair out in the form of a silly blog that has a reader base of five viewers per post).

Whatever the case, I have got to talk to new girls to get this one off my head for the moment. The more you think about one girl you are interested in, the creepier you will subconsciously come off whenever you do talk to her.

Get a hobby, hang out with guy friends, girl friends, other potential girls to pursue, anything to get her off your mind!

Loser Love Diaries 26: German Tinder Failure, Part II

Well, after entering my Tinder age as 26 (as per a recommendation from a friend, because he told me when girls see the age 21, they think all the guys would talk about would be cars, sex, etc. and entering my true age would be a disservice to my maturity level), I think the girl with whom I went for a coffee date with is less than happy with me.

She found out that I am in fact 21 because, well, I cannot lie and could not when the subject came up. And yet in this case, not lying in turn makes me look like a lier. Yet the most unfair and most aggravating bit of the whole situation is that I never lie. Not ever, under any circumstance. And yet it's all because while girls may be easy to impress, they're even easier to upset. This untrue first impression of me, then, has served to spoil any chance I may have had with this girl.

You see, I am the world's most pathetic pursuant of any female. So I thought, yes, (in part because I understood as Tinder as a big joke and there was no possibility at all of actually going on a date with a real-live female, let alone her asking me on a date and let alone her actually being pretty) I will gladly and shamelessly take any advantage I possibly can. Making my age 26 fit the bill.

Our text messaging conversation went as follows (roughly, [and translated from German] as I can remember it, because her not responding for dozens of hours at a time pissed me off so much, I deleted it multiple times):

Me: "Hi, it's Michael the crazy American. I hope you enjoyed Sunday :D"

Me (several hours later upon receiving no response, despite her reading it; important to note: via Tinder, she would always respond immediately): "Guess not... XD"

Her: "Hey, sorry I was really busy doing my doctor studies, how are you doing?" (You didn't seem to have any doctor studies when we were talking on Tinder and when you thought I was 26, now did you...?)

Her: "Yes, it was a nice Sunday."

Me: "I'm doing well thanks to the sun finally being out."

Me (question out of the blue several hours later thanks to me no longer giving a fuck, seeing as though she was barely interested in me anymore): "Hey, you seemed quite disappointed to find out I'm not actually 26, correct?"

Her: "Truth be told, it does bother me a little."

Me: "Well if it doesn't bother you too much, do you want to meet again sometime?"

And now, that's as it sits. As of this writing, I sent that message a total of 24 hours ago, and if Whatsapp's indicators are to be believed, she has indeed read the message.

I'm contemplating saying the following things:

"OK, I understand. You want nothing to do with me anymore. Thanks bye."

"You think I'm a liar now, don't you? Well, I'm actually the last person to lie. You can ask any of my friends." (Then again, why would anyone believe anyone who they think is a liar in the first place?)

"Why does age even matter that much to you? You're 23 and I'm 21. So what? I'm going to begin my professional life before you anyway."

I'm not satisfied with any of the answers. I think it's perhaps best to just say to her "Bye," delete her as a contact and be happy with the minimal sense of vitriol I may gain.

I hate this seeming German notion to say nothing when you don't like a guy anymore. Why can't you just fucking tell me, "No, I don't want to see your ugly-ass face anywhere near me ever again."

Why do German girls have to let me down easy? Just tell me what the fuck you are thinking! Let me know what the hell it is I am doing wrong, so that at some point during my adult life, maybe, just maybe, I might find a girl.

German girls, I find also rely too heavily upon first impressions. They never ever allow any second chances -- and every friend of every German girl I've come into contact with seems to have a personal vendetta against me, steering the girls I am actually interested in well clear of me. What did I ever do to do deserve such rotten luck with every single girl I have been remotely interested in?

Let me avoid selling myself short here: I am a very nice guy, I never lie (except when it comes to stupid dating apps), I laugh, I smile (hell, I even got this girl I'm talking about to turn red on multiple occasions, I don't know why I have to stress about stuff like this!) and girls find me attractive. And you know what? I'm such a decent guy, in fact, that I'm not looking for a slantpiece, but really a companion, a best friend with whom it wouldn't be weird to spend most days of the week with, to watch movies with or to talk about deep emotions with. I'm not looking for a girl for the wrong reasons and I know I want a girlfriend.

Perhaps I need to stop looking. If this girl doesn't respond within another 24 hours, I'm deleting her from my life. It's a good thing I took the first step and deleted Tinder already then.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 25: Thinking Too Much

Here I am, it's 1 AM and I am sitting in my near-spotless room in Frankfurt, Germany with a feeling that my life is empty. With this girl on the verge of ignoring me [for good], I feel so lonely. My issue is as soon as a girl comes into my life (I mean, she asked ME to coffee, what girl does that?!), I get so attached to her.

It's a real shame, but I figure I have to take a page from the way girls think; that is, to treat potential mates as disposable. That's awful, I don't like it, but unfortunately it appears to me that's the way the world is structured. Perhaps I'm too nice of a person to think that way.

I think the prime issue at hand, more than anything else, is my overuse of commas. All kidding aside, (dammit, another comma!) it's that a number of my friends tell me I'm good-looking (guys and girls) or tell me that "Frauen stehen auf dich!" (which translates roughly to "Women like you!"). This, then, puts a great deal of pressure on me to find a mate as soon as possible.

In addition, my family (sisters, mother, father, cousins) all regularly ask me, "Did you get a girlfriend yet?" over and over. There's an expectation that because girls find me attractive that I should have a girlfriend by now. When I told a friend I never had a girlfriend his eyes grew exponentially and seemed to have gotten angry in disbelief.

However, I find (and I've said this on multiple occasions) is that what you can't understand by just looking at me is my odd personality; which repulses more than it seems like it will ever attract.

At the end of the day it has to simply be that girls my age do not know what they want and that in truth, an older (anywhere from 30 and older, yes I find them attractive, eat your heart out) woman would suit me a lot better. The difficulty however is finding one that would not mind having a younger man. Or even down the road having kids, which would mean we would have to sooner than later thanks to her fleeting fertility.

Oh the things I contemplate. I need to work on my car more and think about girls less.

Loser Love Diaries 24: German Girls

This German girl with whom I got to know via Tinder and had a brief date with [incredibly] responded to my texts. However, she seems less than enthusiastic to talk to me. I think I can chalk this up to how overly-energetic and try-hard I was at our coffee date. Out of the three times I went to the bathroom, sI returned to find her on her phone, inevitably informing her friends on how awful of a person I am.

You see, this would then be the second (but who's really counting ;)) German girl I have pursued. And it seems to me because I am so odd, so out-there, so different, I appear unattractive to German girls. Which means German girls astonishingly in some ways have higher standards than even I do when searching for a mate.

While I discriminate on hair color, hobbies, interests, they discriminate on country of origin. It seems as though they are only attracted to boring, traditional German males.

I'll keep you all posted. I'm sure you're dying to know what comes next... Good one.

Loser Love Diaries 23: Tinder and Whatsapp Rollercoaster

Just last week I felt desirable. I had two girls regularly sending me Whatsapp messages (one even asked me to have sex with her [despite this sounding absurd and unlikely, this was the second time for such a thing to escape the mouth of a female directed at me]) and was chatting with multiple girls via Tinder. This, though, was during a brief period when I had no money, so I avoided asking these girls on dates or going to clubs with them. 

This whole coincidence came to me as a surprise because it’s an event in itself when any girl talks to me. I think it has to do with simply how odd of a person I am. I seem to repulse any and all German girls with how quirky I am. But don’t think for a moment that means I will ever change my personality for a girl. I will remain true to myself, even if that means I must stay single for the rest of my life. 

I had a date with a girl I came into contact with on Tinder, but I will avoid the details (as I learned the hard way that girls hate to be written about), especially given the possibility this girl and I potentially have a future together. However, I will say that after getting her number, I deliberately avoided talking to her for a day (to play the role of the proverbial “tough guy”/asshole girls always seem to subconsciously drape themselves over). 

Right now, it’s day two of the two-day process and I texted her a couple of hours ago, yet to receive anything. I am becoming paranoid, as if she pretended to enjoy my company, the date and only turned red on multiple occasions to feign her fondness of me. As if she is simply so polite that she cannot bear to possibly say she can’t imagine us together. I would frankly prefer for any girl to be as bluntly honest as possible, as I am about absolutely everything (as you can see for yourself on this blog, wherein I confess everything in candid detail). 

Though, I maintain it’s good to continue to be skeptical about my love life, to not believe it when a girl likes you, to think you are not good-looking or that you have any chance with any girl. Yes, it’s ego-destroying, but at the same time you can only ever be pleasantly surprised and never disappointed. 

So consider my outlook more in the way of realism than skepticism, because going by my track record (let’s see, kissing a total of four girls in my life, with nothing else, nothing more, nothing less, ever, no girlfriends, no sex), there’s little to expect or for that matter, be optimistic about. Why else do you think this blog series is titled “Loser Love Diaries”? I am brutally honest with and critical about myself and that’s how I will continue to be and I love it. I think it makes for an interesting blog at least. 

I write this blog, after all, as a form of therapy for the wild ups (yeah, right) and mostly downs of my love life. Talking to my friends or family about my encounters and experiences with girls doesn’t ever come close to unleashing every shred of my raw emotion on a shitty Blogspot blog.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 22: Tinder

The latest online dating app, Tinder, has caught my attention after hearing friends talk about it. 

I thought, "Hey, I've been single all my life and have wanted a girlfriend all that time, so what's there to lose? Also, I can use this app as a litmus test as to if or what kind of girls are attracted to me." Well, of course, I didn't quite say all of that, but I thought it. 

It all then started among a friend of mine and I, not too keen on taking the dating app seriously. We held a contest wherein we would see who could get the most amount of matches (possible by having the most attractive profile, profile picture and liking every girl who is suggested to you). 

Before that, however, when I was testing the app in earnest to see how it works, I liked the girls I actually found attractive and disliking the ones I didn't. But nothing. I guess the girls I find attractive all have one feature in common, which would be their "Hochnäsigkeit," or their inflated self-worth/esteem. Unattainable, confident girls are in my book attractive girls. Girls who come to me are no longer attractive. That's just the way my mind works. 

And the least attainable girls are by far blonde ones, for their self-esteem is so high, that should some lowly man as myself try to talk to them, it will result in at first eye-rolling and then cat-walk strutting out of the vicinity with her possé at her sides. Acknowledging my existence shows she likes me and might give me the impression I should talk to her, but no blonde wants me to talk to her. 

At a club this weekend, I approached a non-blonde (Egad!), pulled my initial move of asking a stupid foreigner question, revealing my American identity, impressing her with my German skills and carrying the small-talk on from there. The rhythm's become so routine, I do it now without a second thought. 

Into our deep conversation (or as deep as a conversation can be on the dancefloor at an electro club), I said to myself "Fuck it, I can tell (like all German girls, these are no exception) these girls are stuck up and I don't stand a chance because I act myself." In Germany, being unique, remarkable, unusual, exotic or otherwise is romantic suicide. You must be as boring and as perfect as possible in order to swoon the hearts of Gernan girls. So given I no longer cared what this girl thought of me, I asked her, "Why do girls dance in circles like this? For guys to come to you?" She said, "It depends." I interjected, "It depends (referring to myself) if the guys are foreign, funny, goofy, unique, or "Asozial"? She laughed and I was clearly doing well on the battlefield we call courtship (yeah right). But her friends (surprised), in typical German hochnäsig fashion, did not approve of me and never would. So those gifts of God cat-walked out of the club, for reasons unknown. Whatever, used to it. Not disappointed with such low expectations after all. 

It seems Tinder was made for Germany, a place where the girls appear to hate to be flirted with and the guys are too shy to do so. 

And after I can see I get nothing but unattractive girls liking me, I can see blonde girls' expectations are astronomically high for their suitors. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 21

An ugly girl who always smiles is better than a pretty one who never does.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 20: Friend Zone

There are times when girls like me. Yet I don't like them or find them attractive or I don't make a move to get with them or what have you. These girls then assume I've friend zoned them and completely seize to talk with me. Or, perhaps my method to get a girl (all of which have been unsuccessful, no less) are so different (because they don't work) that the girl has no idea if I like her or not. 

This is part-and-parcel of me being a conservative courtier, because I want to be gentlemanly in everything I do. 

Loser Love Diaries 19

For more conservative guys (perhaps like myself) it's always a tricky balance because you want a girl who will make it clear to you as soon as possible that she is interested in you. Yet, on the other side of the coin, the girl is afraid of embarrassing herself by showing too much emotion early on, only to be denied, leaving her ultimately damaged. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 18

I feel a cold sensation toward the opposite sex. Not when it comes to socializing or talking, but rather, when it comes to flirting. I just have so little faith anymore there is someone truly "out there for me." It's such a pipe dream echoed throughout the media that maintains that this fallacy is anything but. Yet, I can't shake the feeling that there is more than likely no one for me, girls do not and never will find me attractive, and that I never will have any opportunity ever to find someone. 

I also can't help that I could very happily live for the rest of my life single, virgin and unmarried if this petty thing called "biology" didn't make men feel useless without a mate. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 17: You Know when you're a Bitch when...

Some time ago, I met a girl on the way to the post office.

After the chain of events that followed our encounter (namely, being stood up three times), I wrote the above article.

The girl (bitch) read what I wrote and sent me the following after I said to her:

  • Michael Lenoch

    Hey ich weiß, dass wir nicht für ein Monat oder so gesprochen haben und dass du höchstwahrscheinlich nicht antworten wirst (und du musst nicht), aber ich wollte dir halt entschuldigung sagen ob ich irgendwie gemein oder unhöflich mit dir war. Tschüß.
  • Carlotta Arnold

    Hey, tut mir Leid, dass ich dir einfach nicht mehr geschrieben habe, aber um dir dies in Zukunft zu ersparen : du solltest vielleicht nicht über Mädchen, die du kennenlernst, auf deinem Onlineblog schreiben, sodass die ganze Öffentlichkeit es lesen kann!
    Machs gut
  • Michael Lenoch
    Michael Lenoch
    Alles klar. Meine schuld. Ich stelle mir vor, dass du nichts mit mir mehr zu tun möchtest dann.
  • 16. März
  • Michael Lenoch
    Michael Lenoch
    Whatever... No matter what I say will change anything. Just know I'm sorry.

You can throw that into your old Google Translate to see what unfolded.

And you know what? I don't care I'm publishing her name, because I said N-O-T-H-I-N-G bad to or about her ever, anytime, anywhere -- in that blog listen or elsewhere. What she got angry about, I sincerely don't know.

And Carlotta, if you're wondering why you don't have a boyfriend based on your desperate cries out for a great man to just suddenly fall out of the sky onto your lap on Facebook, you just let a great one go. I hope you're happy, because I am sure am that I found out you are a bitch before I ever had the misfortune of spending more time with you.

Just had to get that out of my system and bucket list.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 16: Skepticism Pays off

Ever since I had my encounter with a German girl on my way to the post office, I have been jaded about girls. And that has been mostly for good.

This skepticism about any potential relationship having the slightest chance of ever taking off has made me more durable for the common occurrence of when they don't. One could argue, however, that being so skeptical can make it so that no potential relationship will in fact have any chance of success.

But in truth, I'm simply so tired of the "Hi, my name is ...," "I am from," all the bullshit in between and simply dealing with bitchy girls who think they are hot shit. You can, in most cases, detect when a girl has a rotten personality by the way she carries herself.

If she pays no attention to anyone or anything surrounding her, whether that means she is trapped behind the backlit screen of her smartphone, rapidly messaging people who are clearly more important than the ones physically standing around her or behind the lenses of designer sunglasses, similarly oblivious to the events happening around her, this is a red flag for a seriously narcissistic girl. And these types are far too easy to spot in Germany, where strangers very nearly never make smalltalk with one another and people are trapped in their bubbles of personal space.

A narcissistic girl is often troublesome because while she may be beautiful, she is keenly aware of this and will manipulate her beauty to get whatever she wants to every end. A narcissistic girl is the sort to tell you how awful her day was without you even asking, the one who gets angry at you for not doing things that you had no idea bothered her, the kind of girl that is, and will forever remain, impossible to please. You can be either her Prince Charming (handsome and romantic), or her royal steed (strong and dependable), but never both. And neither will ever quench her insatiable thirst for her concept of what constitutes a "real man."

Such a girl will always yearn for you to be more romantic, referring to what her girlfriends' husbands have done, or what unattainable [garbage] ideas of "romance" films have put in her head.

Staying single strong.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Germany: Not the best Vacation Destination

If you ever wanted to go to Germany on vacation, realize it may never be  a vacation destination because as you walk around in your flip flops and Bermudas, the scary German folk rushing to and from work, with their stern intensity and ubiquitous frowning will remind you Germany is no vacation destination and frankly, may never be. I don't think they get the concept of "relaxing" here. 

Loser Love Diaries 15

Love does not deserve my attention. 

Love is actually not really worth any man's attention because should he worry about such a matter, then he will surely be depressed -- and as soon as he finds a girl he likes, act desperate. 

So for the time being, it is actually best not to concern oneself with such a thing and focus on the things you want to do while you can and while you have your freedom. Because once you pop the question, there's no going back. 

Loser Love Diaries 14

I feel a lot of girls are merely carbon copies of one another. Their personalities can be nearly indistinguishable for fear of being too different, outcasted and thus forever subjected to loneliness thanks to how judgmental some girls can be to one another. 

And that's unfortunate, because a distinctly different personality from a girl can be at times frowned upon. 

What I need in my life is not necessarily a beautiful girl, but one with a unique personality that's not self-conscious. 

Loser Love Diaries 13

Set your expectations accordingly 

I have a friend who is far too shy to talk to new girls. In a supermarket, for example, he was ashamed to ask a worker there for where the butter was. 

How on earth he expects to get a girl puzzles me... He wants a girl who is forward. I've wanted what he wanted for a long time until I broke out of my shell and started talking to girls. And guess what? Such a dream is just that: a dream. 

I had one experience with a girl who was the forward one. 

You see, as far as I understand it, it's a tricky balancing act for girls. Do they act forward and risk being labeled as "slutty" or promiscuous and in the process, jeopardize their reputation? And as far as I know, all (if not, most) girls want real love in their lives and not just the physical kind, being relegated to glorified slant pieces. 

Then on the other hand, are girls to idly sit by, only to wait for "Mr. Right" to come by? What if he doesn't exist, or what if said shy girl is so shy that she misses out on meeting so many potential courtiers...? 

Loser Love Diaries 12

Love does not deserve my attention. 

Love is actually not really worth any man's attention because should he worry about such a matter, then he will surely be depressed -- and as soon as he finds a girl he likes, act desperate. 

So for the time being, it is actually best not to concern oneself with such a thing and focus on the things you want to do while you can and while you have your freedom. Because once you pop the question, there's no going back. 

Loser Love Diaries 11: Sappy Love Letter

We have only "known" each other for a little over a month now. 

And I can tell already, that unlike any other girl I've met before, you keep conversation exciting, keep me laughing and have a certain charisma to you. 

I have never "met" such an unabashedly funny girl as you before. 

Nor I have I ever been less guarded when talking to a girl before. I put any self-consciousness I may have aside and stop caring. Which is the best feeling in the world. 

I have never felt with a girl before that there was a real two-way flow of conversation as there is with you. Before, I have always had to carry the conversation throughout. 

And our conversation doesn't even necessarily have to be structured. I can simply ramble on, talk about nothing or ask you spontaneous questions. 

My day is complete after I talk to you.  

The greatest shame of all though, is that we have not yet met. 


The women who want you the least always seem to be oddly the most desirable. 

Na twarzy


How does Poland have such a different language than Germany, despite it being a neighbor? 

To be manly in Polsnf (and thus get a girl), you must be 1) brutish, crude, brusque, impolite, 2) be bald or have short hair and 3) certainly not wear pink shirts. 

Warsaw, Poland: the most German Polish city, where most of the people look tired and like they are on the verge of depression, the women no longer look like Russian supermodels and the men dress like hipsters. 

Life's too short to have only car friends. 

Why I could never live in Poland: the food here is too delicious and cheap that I would become obese, the women are too beautiful and I would be forced to marry multiple of them, the Vodka is too good and my liver would burst and the people here are too nice and I would have too many friends. Yes, sadly I probably belong in gray, heartless and perfect Germany. 

Speaking German in Poland yields scornful glares of hatred, while 

1. German, scornful glares of hatred
2. English, curious glances 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 10: Internet Relationship? Not.

There was a Ukrainian girl. One who shall remain nameless. She was quite sweet, that is, as far as I could tell.

I have actually never met said girl.

To everything into context, I studied in Düsseldorf, Germany in June of 2012. And to easily keep in touch with all the friends I met there (and for them to do so as well), I set up a Facebook group titled "IIK Düsseldorf Freunde." IIK, being, the International Institute of Communication and "Freunde," meaning, "friends."

There, this one girl joined the group, added me as friends via Facebook and after liking a handful of my contributions, started private messaging me.

She was nice and I could tell starting early on, on the flirty side. Unlike most American girls (and typical for European girls), she was online less than regularly, and thus, we chatted less than regularly as well.

But we chatted and chatted. About what, I don't remember and it's not even important, frankly.

Most of the time, she would be the one to initiate the conversation. That's quite rare. And, most of all, that makes me rather unattracted to a girl. It was eerily too easy.

After doing some research and discovering the low male-to-female ratio in Ukraine and since I never met this girl (and at them time doubted she was for one real and two, that I was ever going to meet her) I felt compelled to outright ask her, "Are there few men in the Ukraine?" She at first asked, seemingly shocked, "Why do you ask?"

I then told her about the brief research I "conducted," to which she responded that Ukrainian men don't care for their women and that Ukrainian women simply want a good understanding and attention from their partners.

The image I now have of Eastern European men (in part thanks to already visiting Poland), is one that is excessively gruff, deliberately crude in an attempt to be as absolutely masculine as possible (from unshaven, disheveled, to downright ugly), wearing sports clothing, complete only with a supermodel hanging over you at all times.  

What is important, however, is that we skyped twice, wherein I found out that she is in fact a real human being, and (get this!) a human female who was spending her real-life time to talk to me!

We had actually planned to meet in Ukraine early in 2014 if memory serves (ironically before the political strife), but if I remember correctly, I didn't want to go due to the cold weather Eastern Europe is known for especially in the middle of wintertime.

Rather, I proposed that after she gets in Dresden, Germany (where she was planning to study), we would meet there.

Well, as far as I can tell from the pictures she's been posting (and seemingly waiting for me to hit the like button on them), she's there. After two attempts to ask her how things are going, I've received no response.

Oh well, hopefully she's found someone else. If so, I'm genuinely happy for her. Because I'm a genuinely nice person.

At least that way, telling our grandchildren how we met wouldn't be so awkward.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 9: Blue Valentine (2010)

I recently watched Blue Valentine (2010) starring Ryan Gosling (Dean) and Michelle Williams (Cindy) and the film, thanks to its real-to-life portrayal of a couple that starts out all merry and ends all sour during a grueling marital life got me thinking...

IMDB.com user Deproduction outlines Gosling's character, Dean:

"He was so charming in his interactions with his daughter, and was also loving towards his wife enduring more rejection from her than most could, trying to breathe love back into the relationship. Even his outbursts seemed attempts to give her what she wanted.

So many reviews talk about this being a story of falling in and out of love. My response is surely subjective, but I don't feel Cindy ever loved Dean. She was desperate, pregnant and facing life as a young parent, and Dean was there to hold her.

Dean, on the other hand, was a good person, eager to love, and all-too-willing to devote his life to Cindy and daughter Frankie (a sparse, but strong, performance by Faith Wladyka), and in the end, he's left with a broken heart and a broken home. I'd love to feel he's better-off without Cindy, if only it weren't so heartbreakingly clear that he loves her and her daughter immensely."

This is very interesting. I, too, am an all-too-willing lover. I am extremely patient, considerate and forgiving. Some have told me too much so. Perhaps Dean can set an example by which I can strive to avoid, namely being overly willing to dole out my love to the wrong person.

There are a lot of crazy people out there. But, there are more crazy women out there. Well, not really. But most women (let's be honest for a moment here), are crazy.

It's not that I'm stupid that I want to give my love to someone, rather, I feel I'm simply a passionate person and I have a lot of love to give.

I feel this has happened to me to lesser degrees in the past. When I say "lesser degrees," I mean that while I've never had a relationship, in cases where I've told girls I liked them and they were unable or unwilling to return such affection. There was even a girl (after I told her I liked her) who said that I am "too good" for her. Who knows? Maybe it's actually a blessing in disguise that she said that, given the chance I could have shared Dean's fate. 

Perhaps it is in female-kind's nature to be self-centered? Or young girls are brought up in such a way that teaches them to be slightly narcissistic? Or is it even that modern girls fear they will appear clingy if they show any degree of affection? Or am I the clingy one? At least I seek to be objective enough of a writer to have you, the reader, even question my own credibility. You never know with what sort of bias the very lens you are looking through may be fogged with. Question everything.

I leave you with this quote from Ryan Gosling in the film Blue Valentine:

"I feel like men are more romantic than women. When we get married we marry, like, one girl, 'cause we're resistant the whole way until we meet one girl and we think I'd be an idiot if I didn't marry this girl she's so great. But it seems like girls get to a place where they just kinda pick the best option... 'Oh he's got a good job.' I mean they spend their whole life looking for Prince Charming and then they marry the guy who's got a good job and is gonna stick around."

Take that for what it's worth.

Loser Love Diaries 8: A new Self

I've recently adopted a new way of looking at my love life. That is, I no longer look on most every girl who walks my way with lust or every seemingly happy couple on with jealously; rather, I'm not entirely sure if it's wise to ever rush into any relationship of any sort.

This has been partly the result of talking with a friend of mine, after I asked him, "Is it ever actually worth it to have a girlfriend?" To which he responded, "Well, if you two enjoy spending time with one another and have started your relationship as friends, yes." My love life had a strategic flaw before: that I would ruthlessly talk to and try anything I could to get to know as many girls as I could better.

Now, I keep my head held high, because I know I am something girls seek. I am (other people have told me this [not only my mother, but girls my age], so it is not vain to say) handsome, confident, intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, funny, charismatic and so forth. I enjoy cooking, cleaning (I just mention these two otherwise odd pastimes because how many guys do other than me?), dancing, talking, partying and generally spending time with other people. If girls can't see what I have to offer, then they're the ones sorely missing out.

Of course, all the drivel I've just vomited on the screen before you may sound suspiciously cliché, and I've likely culled it from the load of romantic/love-centric media I've consumed over the past few months as I've began actually thinking about love and taking it seriously. But what I say is true. I don't need to be at the beck and call of every pretty girl I see. I have a lot more to offer than most guys do. I'm sensitive and enjoy talking, when most guys just want to huddle around the TV, watching football and pay their girl any attention only when they want to fuck.

Unlike most men, I'm not looking for a girl to fuck. I never have been. Yes, sex is supposedly joyful and so on and so forth, but for one, I don't feel comfortable having sex yet and nor is that the point of a relationship to me. A relationship is so you can spend time with someone, nearly all the time. To the point where you are no longer annoyed by the other person. To the point where each of you actually enjoy spending time with one another.

Instead, I am (or more accurately, have been) looking for a girl to spend time with. Full stop. I enjoy spending time with and speaking to girls. I've never realized that so clearly since I've began studying here in Germany and girls here have actually given me a chance, unlike their paranoid, sheepish American counterparts, who constantly assume I want to rape them, which could not be farther from the truth. Americans think about worst-case scenarios all the damn time. Too often, if you ask me -- to the point where some are unable to enjoy their lives anymore.

Now though, I realize friends (girl friends [with whom I have no romantic relationship], guy friends) can suffice just as well as any girlfriend. I think I've sought a girlfriend in particular for so long because you can spend nearly every day with said person without the relationship ever getting stale or awkward -- you can do things and touch the person in ways, well, I couldn't (nor would want to) a dude.

I realize though, I just hate being alone altogether. So long as I have friends with me, I don't care if I have a relationship at all.

So the lesson is to wait for the right girl, and to not force relationships. I can still be social, friendly and even flirty, but I shouldn't be so dead-set on making every potential relationship with every potential girl work. Because it most certainly won't. If it doesn't, no sweat off my back and I'll just gladly keep on looking.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 7

I asked a friend of mine yesterday, "Is it even worth getting a girlfriend?"

I came upon the idea after watching the following video:

It seems like an awful lot of work and time for a person who can suck up your time, funds and perhaps in some ways freedom.

I don't like lying. Ever. So artificially appearing busy when I am in fact not seems to me inauthentic and if a girl really wants me, she should be willing to tolerate my quirks (constant honesty). I'd say honesty and being yourself is the best defense to any of the tips suggested by the above video. If said girl can't put up with my personality, then so be it, better she finds out early on than when it's too late and we're stuck with two kids.

Of course, I have no success by which I can speak on behalf of, but my gut tells me to be honest 100 percent of the time. Perhaps when I (and in turn, the girls I want to date) get older, the more attractive they will find honesty.

I'm certainly very picky when it comes to what I find attractive, but at least I know what I want. And for better or for worse, I'm certainly not the type to change my personality for anyone. Not even for the smart-funny-humble-blonde-German-speaking-athletic-girl of my dreams.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 6

Types of girls to avoid:

- single girls who have dogs, because when they have dogs, they are seeking to replace their loneliness with a dog, which never ends well and they can often be, well, crazy
- girls who take too long getting ready
- girls who barely let you speak because they're taking up all the air trying to explain how every last second of her miserable life is so immensely more strenuous than yours will ever likely be
- excessively superficial girls
- girls who have no hobbies apart from shopping, getting dressed, showering, applying makeup, taking selfies or eating or girls who serve no purpose apart from standing there and looking pretty.
- girls who expect normalcy and won't let you be yourself for every moment when you stray from such nonsense as "normalcy"
- girls with egos
- hipster girls (same thing as having a massive ego, essentially)
- girls who only initially talk to you because they find you attractive (that's when you know you have a real winner on your hands and your candle-lit dinner conversations are going to be profound and your relationship will be more than a lust-driven superficial relationship)

You know who you are.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Problem with America

The worst part about America is that everyone is under the impression that 1) they need to assume a position regarding an issue, 2) that their perspective is more important than anyone else's, 3) their opinion matters in the first place, 4) everyone needs to hear their point of view, 5) the louder they yell and the more they re-hash the same argument to members of an opposing point of view, the more likely those members will see their perspective and that 6) listening is foolish. Because listening equals understanding, so why would any sure-minded American listen to anyone ever, at any time, anywhere or for any reason? Duh.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 5

I think I've led my life single for a multitude of reasons. One of which I think about less than I probably should is how particular my taste in women is, which has procluded me from a selection of women I could otherwise have relationships with if I wanted to. But I don't. 

If you've ever seen the movie the Ugly Truth, starring Katherine Heigl, I too have a list as to my ideal partner or what gets me going. Although I've never committed it to paper, or in this case, not paper. Until now. 

My ideal girl would be/have the following:

- extremely talkative
- funny
- humble
- non-smoker/non-drug-user
- open-minded (perhaps like me, weird) 
- energetic
- adventurous 
- preferably speaks German as a native speaker
- athletic 
- blonde or some variety of light brown (but ZOMG dirty blonde girls get my attention every time) 
- eye color is indifferent
- religion is indifferent
- political views are indifferent 
- intelligent 
- must be very considerate (hard to find in girls as far as I can tell)
- genuine/non-superficial (at all times)
- brutally honest (again, all the time) 
- outgoing 
- non-self-conscious/unabashed 
- social drinker
- likes to dance 
- hard-working
- confident 
- I can cook and clean, so whatevs in that department 

Maybe I just made up this ideal girl, or maybe my ideals aren't too far off from those of the average guy -- or who knows, I may meet this girl tomorrow. Bah, who am I kidding? I thought I was supposed to be skeptical (if not, outright depressed) about any possibility of a relationship? 

At least now you can't tell me I don't know what I want in a girl, because, well, I do. 

I have met some fairly hot girls in my time, let me tell you boy. But the second I noticed any degree of narcissism I became immediately un-attracted to said girl. 

Or I've even met some girls, who while they were attractive, (and I had some incling that they were attracted to me) were so shy I had to steer the entire conversation -- which isn't a problem as a journalism major who prides himself as "one of the most curious people you may ever meet." However, shy girls can be exhausting because the conversation flows like a Q-and-A session rather than a two-way street, full of listening, comprehension and then response and later tangents. This is why a talkative girl is a must. And luckily, isn't too hard to come by. Which I think explains why I like spending time with girls rather than guys as instead of one-word responses, one can often expect something with some thought given to it from a girl. 

Why Black AND White People in America are stupid; stupidity is race-indiscriminant

Watch this video (starting at the 16-minute mark) as a leader to a white student union and a member of a black student union embarrass both themselves and each other.

The single reason I don't care for America and the way Americans think is their inherent inability to listen. No one listens to one another. Everyone simply spouts out what they think, thinking that will finally be the end to any discussion, but it inevitably only spawns more useless, idiotic discourse.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 4

I don't think my sense of loneliness is anything extraordinary; by that, I mean I don't actually think I feel much loneliner than any modern, single, 20-something-year-old male. That is to say, I think the media plays a role in my feeling lonely. 

The media (film, more specifically) sets a precedent that says unless you have x number of friends, had x number of girlfriends, had sex with x number of girls, then you're not cool. This then sets viewers' expectations high and only leads them to inevitable disappointment. 

The standards set by the media are unattainable 100 percent of the time; it isn't possible to be laughing with friends or set in a romantic scene with your special other every day, all the time. But in films, all viewers witness are the good, interesting parts of so-and-so's life. 

I come to the conclusion then, that while I may feel lonely lacking a girlfriend, I shouldn't feel this way. After all, this sense of loneliness is artificial and has come about only as a result of hours of romantic movies and romantic comedies. 

And although I realize these romantic movies are probably detrimental to my self-esteem, I enjoy watching them nonetheless because they portray a fantasy (relationship) I feel I may never attain. It's then fun to put myself in the shoes of the protagonists and to imagine, "what if I had a relationship? What would I do in this exact situation? How would I get out of this rut in a relationship? Would I be capable? How would I deal with losing a girlfriend, fiancée or wife?" Romantic movies provide such escapism for me. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 3

It seems to me after two vaguely romantic encounters in clubs (hence, "vaguely") during my vacation from Munich, Germany and then throughout Poland that women don't generally want Mr. Unexpected.

As far as I see it, I'm the type who yearns for more than a kiss. That's not to say I want sex right out of the gate, but rather to share meaningful experiences with a girl. Now, of course, that's rather open-ended and could mean a variety of things, but when I say spending "meaningful" time with another person, it means maintaining eye contact, laughing, smiling and having a good time with someone else while talking.

Now this is funny. Because I'm the desperately lonely one who is looking for a companion. It's usually the guy who goes out of his way to be nice, buy a girl a drink and go the full nine yards for sex or some otherwise intimate experience -- and then has no intention of speaking with her again.

I'm the one then -- remember, despite being a man -- who seeks to continue talking. This is most likely because I can be clingy. But now, after these two experiences, I get the feeling that women are actually attracted to me when I don't act clingy, but rather my confident self.

What I should do is not put so much stock into each and every girl I meet. Consider it defeatism or whatever you want, but I'm becoming increasingly more comfortable with the idea that I will not have a girlfriend any time soon -- that is, especially if I am looking for one. I've been told the key is not to look.

And here's some more self-psycho-analysis (that I know you're well-and-truly dying to hear): my sense of loneliness only stems from my need to be around people all the time. You see, my roommates both have girlfriends (including the female one), so this leaves me all alone quite often. It doesn't help that my German friends need days' notice in advance to hang out. I realized this on my aforementioned trip to Poland as most of the time was spent with my friend Piotrek and despite our deep gazes at the country's bounty of beautiful women, I never felt the sheer loneliness I do at my apartment in Frankfurt -- and this only makes me realize that my search for a girlfriend has only been patchwork to a greater problem: not being able to be alone.

The way I see it, a girlfriend is someone with whom you make time for, go out of your way to spend time with and [hopefully] enjoy spending time together -- with my friends, I find they're often busy when I ask them to hang out, perhaps a result of this stereotypical German need to know several days in advance of plans.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not disliked and people don't find me un-charasmatic (this is a sort of roundabout way of saying something without sounding too pretentious). In fact, one of this girls I kissed could not believe I have never had a girlfriend nor had sex before. So while my façade on the outside may seem sane, normal, healthy, there is a deeper problem. I'm sure of it.

To me, the annoyance, mess, noise and hassle of living with someone else is largely always worth the company. Shame then, that my roommates rarely have as much time for me as I do them as they've found their "ones."

Monday, March 3, 2014

I've figured my sister out: she is condescending and generally domineering toward all men due to the gentle, pushovery way my dad has raised her her. Through her upbringing, she has come to understand that exploiting and denigrating men is acceptable practice. I'm all for women's rights. But treating any human being with any amount of dignity and respect (man or woman) less than is owed, is selfish and cruel.

30. July 2013

Loser Love Diaries 2

I wish I could choose who I'm attracted to. I told this to a girlfriend of mine, to which she responded life would be a lot more boring if that were the case.

And yet the problem is I'm attracted to girls who share one thing in common; that they're not attracted to me.

Absurdly Long List of German and English Vocabulary Words


Ameliorate - to alleviate, fix a problem

Chimerical - Highly fanciful, unrealistic

Math presents no value by following rote formulas and submitting to conformity

Our lives are already going to be spent for the next thirty minutes on this train ride, we may as welldelve into every topic as deeply as possible, learning from each other more fully than ever before

There is no purpose to destroy for the sake of destroying; but destroying with
Enigmatic - Compelling Mystery
Base Desires
Philander - To Flirt, with no intent of marriage
To Impart
Mitigate - To lessen in force or intensity
A Futurist
'Cut from the same cloth'
Erratum - Error printing
Soothed my Savage Soul
Alterior Motives
"No one would combine such medieval religious fervor with such a modern technology as the aircraft." - Kamikaze
Pendulum Voodoo People
Sod Off!
A Victorian Ode to the Test of Time
Methodist Bible Group
Top Gear
Morgan 7
Knowledge - based on the amount of factual concepts retained by an individual
Self-deprication - Self-hate
Audi TDI - Diesel
The most logical people of the world have an equal capcity of illogical thoughts.

"The British show is produced for the BBC with public funds while the American show will air on commercial television. Leno believes that the show may have to worry about offending current and potential sponsors by giving their products poor reviews, leading to a compromise in the journalistic integrity and freedom of the original show"
Fiery Latin Temperment - Ferarri
Wry - Clever/Sarcastic
Stringent - Rigorously binding or exacting / compelling, strict / convincing, forcible
Caustic - Severly sarcastic critical/sharp/corroding
"When the cat's away, the mice will play"
Cat Empire - Get the Party Started
Taking the fundamental aspects of you understanding of the world
Harrowing - Frightening
Bastian of journalistic integrity Political
Pro Tool (Software)
As useful as a snooze button on a smoke detector
Militares sans Frontiers - Militaries without borders
Recalcitrant - Unruly
Bohemian Rhapsody
Ferrari's Latin zest
Perfunctory - Passable
Trailer squabbling degenerate
McLaren MP4-12C
Mercedes SLS AMG
To restrict the greatness of one is to prohibit the learning of many.
"A drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts"
Drama, chaos, and conflict
Oversell the virtues/merits
Beyond its scope
The Statue of Limitations
Gaming journalism too self-reflective
Power Ballad - "Freebird" (zB).
Pithy - brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning; terse; forcible: a pithy observation.
Trove - Collection
Breaking away from exibitionism: Facebook
Biblically Good
Baffoon - Buffin (English Accent)
Stifling their ability to say something
The most lethal decision is when the majority to perceive itself a minority
Intellectual Acrobatics
Culturally Relevant
Fabian Tactics - The Art of Avoidance
Consortium -
1.      a combination of financial institutions, capitalists, etc., for carrying into effect some financial operation requiring large resources of capital.

Poignant - Clever/Striking
I'm nuclear fissionating whoooaaah
Do we have the same last name?
If you don't fix the cracks today, someday you will have a flood
Malleable Minds
Robbing Peter to pay Paul
Personal obtuse definition is cut and dry to one's self
Be secrative about your attraction to individuals pertaining to the opposite gender
Cultural Identity - Zeitgeist
Developed on a personal level
genericized trademark
Wimsical - Longingly
1 out of every 4-man squad uses an M249 SAW
Spec Ops only use fully automatic M4A1
POU - Point of ...?
Brad Friedel
Billy Davis
To Posit
To Appropriate - To Make a Standard
The devout in heart and earnest in temperment
Monotone - Monotony
Versimilitude -

1.      the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability: The play lacked verisimilitude.
2.      something, as an assertion, having merely the appearance of truth.
Abyss - Abysmal
I hadn't accurately gauged the conversation, time, place, or people I was speaking to. As it was the slightest of my intention to insult you. To do something such as that was uncharacteristically foolish and silly on my part. Please forgive me.
No Subvocalized Thinking in games -- Call of Duty 4
Pre-Frontal Cortex - Figuring things out
Conscience Descision-Making - Not fun
in video games
Twitch/Strategic Level of thinking
Actively Thinking -- Leads to failure when playing intense video games/Overanalyzing
Mutual Appreciation
Daniel De Louis
Self-Vocalizing-Tentative Decision-Making
Triply-Redundant Hydraulic Pumps - 747
Book - The Way We Decide
M4A1 -- Fully Automatic/ M4 not
Entire Constellation of Opinions
Myopic in some capacity
To Denegrade
Michael Jackson's Death - A Testament to the power of music
Pithy - Sam Fisher/Solid Snake
Geneology - Great Depth And Historical Situationing of a Review
Deliberately Reductive
Feedback Loop - Awkward loop of asking questions and conversations
Exhibitionism - Twitter
Torsion - Twisting
Apagee - Pinnacle of flight
Kerfuffle - Commotion
Basal - Integral
Surname - Abovename, sur- French
Badinage - Light, playful talk
Surreptitiously - Obtained or done by stealth, clandestine
Purported - False Claim
Agog - Highly excited by eagerness, anticipation or curiosity
Holistic - Unconventional medical aid
Mutual Admiration society
To Fawn
Political Intrigue
Virulent - Actively Poisonous
Innocuous - Harmless, not likely to offend
Demistfied - To lessen the attractiveness of drugs or other harmful addictive substances
Gambit - Manuver to Gain an Advantage/Strategem
Incestuous - So close or intimate as to hinder functioning in social relations
Egress - An Exit
Digress - To Deviate from the main topic
Regress - To revert to a more primative state or form
Ausgesprochen - Notedly
Obsfucate - To Make Obscure/Unclear
Diametrically opposed
Breadth - Ubiquitous CHECK THIS
Wherewithall - Effort/Willingness
Equanimity - Calmness/Tranquility
Caddy -
Privy (to) - Knowing of someone's innermost thoughts CHECK THIS
Staunch - Adamant 'A staunch supporter'
Propensity - Likelihood
Concede - To Take (A Goal)
Anachronysm - A misplacement of history
Impune my integrity
Crass - Not Refined, Oafish, Indelicate
Precocious - Advanced/Mature
Gregarious - Fond of Social Contact/Sociable
Idiomatic - Distinct Style
Insatiable - Impossible to Satisfy
Cacophonus - Irritating Sound
Confounded - Challenging
Misoginistic - Chauvenistic
Superficial Relationships
Compunction - Anxiety arising
From awareness or guilt/Distress of mind over an anticipated action or result
Hyperbolic - Exaggerated
Ironic Applause
Insessant - Constant

1up Yours 11/28/08

"The only intelligent thing I can do is to never assume I know everything" (or I am intelligent)

"If intelligence was gauged by such binary things as true or false questions, the world would be a far less as advanced place"

"The Earth was blue, but there was no God"- MGS3 (Snake)
Tip of the young phenomenon -

momentarily inaccessible as a result of interference, faulty cues, emotional states

Entered my sense of normality


Make an analogy to natural
Selection and media exposure -- the more one is exposed to, the less succeptible or vulnerable to discomfort or insult or offended

-- culture changes throughout the generations, and people become conditioned to new forms of media and are not offended to things their grandparents were

I would contend to say Patrick, my friend has had his parents enroll him in far too many sports, and as an incredible result, never specialized in a single sport, and in mind, is a bum, laden of laziness.

Threshold - Limit

How are game reviewers qualified if at all if they are the ones who barely invest anything of their game reviews and spend any time in the online trenches, when the people who do purchase these games will. (?) EDIT
Change Love and War (Song)
Virtual Insanity

Project Gotham Racing captures the style of driving flair, accompanied by a type of sheer driving pleasure that so indescribably resonates with me. Do you feel an open-world driving game such as Burnout Paradise exposes too much of the world, in mundane or otherwise boring ways, where there isn't a constant motivational force behind driving. Or do you enjoy being given access to spontaneously explore the world as you please?

Slavik refers to slavery for how many slaves the Vikings made out of the Slavik peoples

Intimately acquainted with insanity


Oration/Oratory -- Related to the German word 'Ohr'
How likely are you to visit a website, read an article or watch a video mentioned on a podcast if the person who mentioned it is insistent?
Etymonline.com - Absolute, New Zealand
Future possibility -- humans become so complex through generations of development that fewer humans are likely to be ridden of disease and generic deviations that result in mutations, so the human race faces a severe drop in population, and thus must recoop its original simplicity that was only possible by the first humans -- the first humans' decendents are the only survivors, they recreate society once again, the human race is revitalized

Since you seem to be so in to quoting Yahoo Answers! [and trusting it as a supposedly "credible" source], it works both ways. "A lot of people will discourage you from buying Bose. Usually those people based their opinions from other people's reviews who has never tried out the product."


Zyniker - Cynic
Abschaum - Scum
Keine Gnade - No Hesitation
Sondercommando - Task Force
Klingt gut - Sounds good
Er ist es - It's him
Alles klar bei dir - How've you been?
Was ist? - What's Up?
Moment - Wait
Wie der Name vermuten lässt - As the name implies
Mach dich locker - Don't Sweat It
Koste es - Whatever it Takes
Das Volk - The People
Höhe - Heights
Nennen - To Be Called
Wo soll ich anfangen - Where should I start...
Unschuldige - Innocents
Bist du dabei - Are you with me
Verscheuchen - To Clear
Na Toll - Oh Great
Behaupten sie - Or so they say
Überlass das mir - Leave it to me

Ist das dein Ernst -
Bist du in Ordnung? -
Weg hier! -
Vernüftig - Rational
Rückzug - Fall back
Meine Güte - My goodness
Sieht so aus - It looks
Ungemütlich - Ugly
Ich hatte kein Wahl - I didn't have a choice
Ausgesetzen - To Be Exposed To
Beweisen - To Prove
Frewillig - Volunteer
Unbesorgt - Unworried
Zäh - Tough
When push comes to shove?
Gib uns Deckung - Back us up
DieHelden - Heroes
Kein Scherz - No Joking
Bring ihn nach Hause
Festhallen - To Hold On
Komm schon - Come On!
Ausmerzen - To Stamp Out
Umsiedlung - Relocation
Staatsfeinde - Enemies of the State
Was ist mit dir? - How about you?
Nicht länger - No Longer
Dort drinnen - In there
Alles wird gut - Everything will be okay
Halt mal - Hang on
Was ist mit die Anderen - What about the others
Versprechen - Promise
Frische Luft
Modrig - Damp
Aufbrachen - To Settle
Alles in Ordnung
Erschreck mich so - You scared me
Sag doch was! - Say something!
Eigentschlichen - Apparently
Vertrackte Situation - Pickle
Bezaubernd - Adorable

Was ist los mit dir? - What's wrong with you?
Abzuholen - To Pick Up
Da zsind sie ja - There they are
Held - Hero
Du hast es geschafft - You made it
Also dann - Alright then
Ihr habt keine Ahnung - You had no idea
Machst du Witze - Are you joking?
Ich möchte es ihm sagen - I want to tell him
Das war knapp - That was close
Erwarten - To Expect
Weißt du das nicht - Haven't you heard
Sieh an - Check this out
Nun? - Well?
Abenteuer -
Hast du kein Angst - Are you not afraid
Der Held ist unterwegs - The hero is on his way
Halt durch - Hold On
Einlassen - To Let In
Gnade - Mercy
Also Dann - Alright
Schatz - Baby
Schimpfen -
Was soll ich tun - What should I do?
Ist's Fair - Let's even these odds
Zukünfig - Future
Wahnsinn - Insane
Du musst mit ihn reden - You have to talk to him
Reden - To Talk
Die Bestimmung - Focus
Verfluchten - To Curse
Hör Zu - Listen!
O Mann
Sklave - Slave
Zeit zu gehen - Time to go
Retten - To Save
Ruh dich aus - You just relax
Wir Härten dich auf - Toughen you up
Wir rasten hier - We'll rest here
Nicht im Traum - Not in your dreams
Gut für ihn - Good for him
Schlimmer - Worse
Leichtes Spiel - Nothing to it
Wir müssen irgendwo schlafen
Vorlaut - Cheeky
Verzeihung - Apologies
Die Wohle - Sake
Ersonnen - To Devise
Ich meine es Ernst - I mean it
Was ist passiert?
Sieh her
Lebe wohl - Bye
Wir bleiben immer zusammen
Unglaublich wir haben es geschafft
Eigentlich - Actually
Bewältigen - To Handle
In Dienst - On Duty
In Deckung - Watch out
Kapitulation - Surrender
Akronym -
Ruh dich aus - Take a break
Wurde getötet - Died
Deswegen - That's why
Er muss dafür bezahlen -
So unsinn
Ich regel das - I'll do it
Praktisch - Practical
Ein Unglück - Bad luck
Rache - Revenge

Was nagt an dich - What's bothering you
Warum wird sie zu Kristall? - Why did she turn to crystal?
Ewiges Leben - Eternal Life
Was ist jetzt? - What now?
Was gescheint? - What's happening?
Bequatchen -
Das ist also.. - So this is..
Ich bin dabei - I'm in
Was passiert hier?
Kappe - Blame
Mein Ein, mein Alles - My one, my only
Das war knapp - That was close
Überleben - To Survive
Die Kräfte -
Verschwinden -
Moment mal - Wait a moment
Kniffelig - Tricky
Sie muss in der Nähe sein 1 She
Wetten - To Bet
Keine Bewegung - Freeze!
Kaltblüt - Cold-blooded
Ich Frage mich - I wonder
Lebe wohl - Goodbye
Beschützen - To Protect
Bleib hinten mir
Nicht so sehr - Not very much
Die Hölle - Hell
Da lang - That way
Was zum.. - What the..
Was ist dein Ziel? -
Was auch immer - Whatever...
Kein Ding - No problem
Hier irgendwo etwas ist - There's something here
Nützlich - Useful
Ihr euch - Each other
Wie lange kennt Ihr euch? - How long have you known each other?
Von (jemand) (etwas) erhoffen - To expect (something) from (someone)
Erhoffen - To Hope/Wish For
Ebenso - Alike/As Well/Also
Wärme ganz tief innen drin, Wünsch euch euer LEO-Team
Monatlich - Monthly
Dutzen - To Call Someone Du
Die Hoten - Teaticles
Urwalt - Jungle
Das Guthaben - Balance (Money)
Warnhinweis - Warning/Notification
Hau ab!
Ich muss da durch - I have to go through

        adventure               das Abenteuer  - Pl. die Abenteuer
        wastebasket             der Abfallkorb  Pl.: die Abfallkörbe
        bottler         die Abfüllerfirma  - Pl. die Abfüllerfirmen
        delegate [pol.]         der Abgeordnete (ein Abgeordneter) | die Abgeordnete  - Pl. die Abgeordneten

Notorisch - Notorious
Untreu - Disloyal/Unfaithful
Nackt - Naked
Halbnackt - Half Naked
        to keep active   tätig bleiben
        to act          tätig sein
        to operate              tätig sein
        to act          tätig werden
Tätig - Active/Busy
Tacit - Stillschweigende
Tacit agreement - stillschweigende Vereinbarung
Talgig - Suety
Suet – noun
the hard fatty tissue about the loins and kidneys of beef, sheep, etc., used in cooking or processed to yield tallow.

Teigig - Doughy, Kneadable
gibt es im englischen eine unterscheidung zwischen

tägig und täglich ?

im deutschen gibt ist die sehr wohl:

- täglich (jeden tag)

- 14 täglich (alle 14 tage)

- 7-tägig (ein siebentägiger kongress [sieben tage andauernd]
täglich taucht in leo.dict auf -- tägig aber nicht! --> keine direkte übersetzng möglich?
Gantägig Arbeiten - To Work Full-Time
Ganztägig - Full-Time
zu dt. etwa
Eilig - Speedy
Weilen Tarry/Fight/Brawl
Eklig - Disgusting
Entlassen - To Fire (Job)
Wer glaubt's, wird selig - 'A Likely Story' Who would believe it would be blessed
Selig - Blessedly
Selig Sprechen - To Beautify
Der Luftverschmuzung
Der Delphin/Delfin
Das Zebra
Die Giraffe
Der Tiger/Die Tiger
Das Flusspferd
Das Pferd
Der Gorilla
Der Löwe/Die Löwin
Der Elefant
Der Eisbär
Der Affe/Affen
Die Entscheidung
Flanken - To Cross
Die Bewegung - Motion
Wechseln - To Rotate
Gründeten - To Establish
Die Freundlichkeit - Friendliness
Titulieren - To Call/Address
        considerable  adj.              ansehnlich
        considerable  adj.              beachtlich
        considerable  adj.              bedeutend
        considerable  adj.              beträchtlich
        considerable  adj.              deutlich   - beträchtlich
        considerable  adj.              erheblich
        considerable  adj.              erklecklich
        considerable  adj.              namhaft   - beträchtlich
Die Hoffnung - Hope
J'espère que je me suis bien fait comprendre !          Ich hoffe, das war unmissverständlich genug?
Das Sicht - Sight
Die Weltanschauung - Philosophy / World-view
Die Erzälung - Declaration
Konzentrieren - To Concentrate (Or Be About)
Die Hütchen - Cones
Jonglieren - To Juggle
Kofferraum - Bonnet
Federung - Suspension
Verstellbar - Adjustable
Drehbares Lenkrad - Workable [Turnable] steering

Zum öffnen - Opening
Die Teilen - Parts
Einsteigen - To Get In
Rassismus - Racism?
Zusammenarbeiten - Working Together
Im Moment - At the moment
Die Decke - Ceiling
Prägen - ?
Prächt - Magnificent?
Prahen - To Boast
Stecken - To Put in Pocket?
Steuern - To Control?
Beschleunigen - To Accelerate
Schmerzhaft - Painful/Painfully
Angriff der Piraten - Attack of the pirates
Zurückspulen - Rewind
Du hast es - You got it
Bremse - Brakes
Lenkung - Turning
        musing          die Träumerei
        season          die Jahreszeit
        season          die Saison  - Pl. die Saisonen (Österr.; Süddt.)

Gestalten - To Organize
Einstellen - To Set
Präsentieren - To Present
Der Langstrecke
Abbremsen - To Brake
Die Rubriken - Categories
        to coil         spulen | spulte, gespult |
        to coil up              spulen | spulte, gespult |
        to reel         spulen | spulte, gespult |
        to spin sth. | spun, spun |             etw.Akk. spulen | spulte, gespult |
                 spulen, spulte, gespult
to spool
to wind
Die Wüste - Desert
Der Standort - Location/Place
Die Überlegenheit - Advantage
Jederzeit - At Any Time
Gewiss - Certain/Given
Die Versuchung
Die Verhalten
Die Vervassung - Condition/Form
Geistige Wendigkeit - Wit
Die Wendigkeit - Mobility
Machbar - Feasible/Doable
Seinerzeit - Was at the time
Die Mischung - Mixture
Insbesondere - In Particular
Erfolgreich - Successful
CMR war seinerzeit sehr erfolgreich, insbesondere weil es in spielerischer Hinsicht eine gute Mischung aus Realismus und Einfachheit bot -  CMR was at that time very successful, in particular because it offered a good mixture from realism and simplicity in playful regard
Lediglich - Simply
Optisch - Cosmetic
Schwierigkeitsgrad - Difficulty
Du hast die Kurve gescnitten - You cut the corner
Geschätze restliche Zeit
Ich bin stoltz auf mein Land - I am
proud of my country
Diverse - Miscellaneous
Frustrierend - Frustrating
Frustrieren - To Frustrate
Fliehen - To Flee?
Sehnsüchtig - Wimsical
Beachten Sie die Folgende - Consider the following
Beachten - To Notice/Consider
Der Mülleimer - Rubbish Bin
Alles nur Müll - It's all rubbish
Der Flur- Hallway
Der Ehrgeiz - Competition
Begleiten - to Come Along With
Trotzen To Defy
Trotzen - Trotz Although
Im japanischer Hand - In Japanese hands
 Männlich Geschlechtsorgan - Male Genitallia
Die Existierung
Die Bevölkerung
Loch ?
Die Beleidigung - Insult
Schrecklichkeit - Fear
Die Lava - Lava
Meinten anders - To Mean/Intend Something Else
Davon - From There
Je größer Sie sind - The bigger they are (the harder they fall)
Also Lamer sind die, die CS überhaupt nicht können...
Death - Wenn man gefraggt wird
Hossies - Geiseln
WTJ (Winning Team Joiner) - Zu dem gewinnenden Team Wechsler
Lowpinger - Ein Zocker der nen niedrigen Ping hat
rushen - stürmen
Rookie - Anfänger

Ich kenn noch mehr abe rich hab kein Bock mehr .......

woher weißt du, dass er das gemeint hat? das hät ich dir auch sagen können.

dann gibt es halt noch ausdrücke:

ROFL=rolling on the floor an laughing(wenn man jemanden auslacht und sagt, dass er echt superschlecht ist)

LOL = laughing out loud (auslachen)

ich hoffe, dass dir das hier hilft.

.......Hannibal Lector hat gesprochen........

Der Hitze
Die Albstädter
Einsetzen - To Paste
Dienst - Service?
Gummiert - Rubberized
Steigen - To Climb
Das Steigen - Climb
Vorbei - Ago
Total - Totally/Truly
Rein - Pure
Abspannen - To Lie Out/Relax
Horizont - Horizon
Bieten - To Boast ?
Der Entführung
Der Menge
Geistlich - Pervasive ?
Irgendjemand anders - Anyone Else
Meine Damen und Herren - Ladies and Gentlemen
Rückwärts - Backwards
Zuhause im Glück
Bitte Abstand halten - Please Keep One's Distance
Dieser Bereich ist kameraüberwacht - This area is under camera surveillance
Abflug - Departure
Beladung - Load
Benützung auf einige Gefahr - Use at your own risk/discretion
Entspannen - Lie out?
Bahnhöfe - Train stations
Flugschein - Flying Ticket
Etage - Level
Gesichert - Secured
Die Metern
Die Türme
Die Angeklagten
Die Rolle - Role
Willens - Villains ?
Der Verandtaltung
Appell - Applause ?
Der Verleihung
Schreitet - Pp of To Scream
Außer Betrieb - Out of Order
Die Enteignung
Rückhalt - Revolt?
Die Tat
Das Urteil - Manifesto?
Gewalt - Terror
Mittelalter - Middle Ages
Totenkult - Funary Customs
Kontinuität - Continuity
Erkennbar - Discernible
Tracht - Attite
Pickelhaube - WWI Helmet
Besteck - Cutlery
Vertritten - To Represent
Vergegenwärtigt - To Serve As
Laute - Lute
Löwe - Lion
Bösen - Evil
Stand das Recht zu - Was entitled to
Erzbischöfen - Archbishop
Das Gleichnis
Sorten - Types
Komplett geöffnetes - Completeley Open
Ratsam - Hazard
Sicherheitshinweis - Caution
Sinnlos - Purposeless/Senseless
Höhepunkte und Tiefpunkte - High points and low points
Lebenswandel - Lifestyle
Erwarten - To Expect
Ist das dein Ernst? - Are you serious?
Aussiehen - To Look
Zahlen - Check
Abhängen - To Hang
Fester Boden - Solid Ground
Wütend - Crazy
Es war zu viel für mich - It was too much for me
Einverstanden? - Sounds good?
Ich dachte nur eins - I'm only thinking of one thing
Alles lief Super - Everything is going well
Das ich finde toll - I think is great
Anfangs dachte ich - In other words
Ich schon gut - Oh dear
Trumhaft - Beautiful
Was machen wir tun? - What will we do?
Ganz sicher - Positive
Tödlich - Deadly
Stand - Level/Height
Gesiegt - Past Participle of To Win
Einheit - Unit/Quantity
Einfahren Driving
Hinein - Out
Fitnessgeräte - Fitness Center
Schwierigkeitsstufe - Difficulty
Kalorien - Calories
Herzfrequenz - Heart Rate
Die Entführung
Genießen - To Enjoy
Rosenkranz - Rosary
Der Alltag - The day to day life
Um bei den vielen unterschiedlichen Währungen das Gewicht den Goldwert bestimmen zu können -
Das Gewicht
Außer der Musik war und belieb er fast immer ein Kind - Apart from his music he remained a child nearly throughout his life
Und ganz leer von aller Prätenzion in der Physiognomie und Körper
Eheleuthe - Married Couple
Bestand - Consisted pp
Sie besaß neben einer gehörigen Portion Hausverstand - Besides being endowed with a good portion of common sense
Überall beliebt - Popular everywhere
Mit weltmännischen Auftreten
Geistvoll - Intellectual
Hoch gebildet -Highly Educated
Kritisch - Discerning
Persönlichkeit -Personality
Herausragende - Outstanding
Stammbaum der Familie - Family Tree
Durchgang - Passage
Wohnsituation - Living Situation
Die Opern - Operas
Die singende Familie - The singing family
Illustriert von - Illustrated by
Die Zauberflöte - The Magic Flute
Knopf drücken - Press button
Die Schöpfung
Klavierunterricht gab - Gave piano lessons
Positionen, die er bis zu seinem Tod ausübte -
Der fünf Jahre jüngere Bruder - Younger brother by five years
Die Vertonung - Venture
Komödie - Comedy
Verbotes - Ban
Freier Schreiber - Freelance Writer
Entwurf - Sketch
Faksimile - Facsimile
Wurde Geboren - Was Born
Erzherzog - Archduke
Ab sofort
Schaffen Abhilfe
Das ist was meine Mexikanische Freunde hat mir gesagt
Sich mich an - Look at me
Sich dich an - Look at you
Ich bin's leid - I'm sick of...
Die Gemeinschaft
Die Genwunschart
Der Frisör
Störungen - Emergency
Angeben - To State
Fluchtplan - Escaple Route
Rettungsplan - Fire Exit
Rakete - Rocket
Berühren - To Touch
Das Gold ist echt, ja?
Das verlorne Mittelbild der Decke zeigte den Menschen als Beherrscher der Welt - The now lost central painting in the ceiling showedman as the ruler of the world
Zeigte - Pp Showed
Die Rats - Counsel
Die Entscheidung - Judgement
Aufgeteilt waren - Were divided
Der Raum war einst der privat
Der Fürsten -Prince
Reiche Zimmer - Ornate Rooms
Genutzt - Past Participle Used
Die unsprünglich Möblierung des Raums ist nahezu komplett erhalten - Almost all of the original furnishings have survived
Gewährte - Past Particple Granted
Wurden - Past Participle Was
Empfing - Past Participle To Receive
Diente - Was used for
Die Möbel - Furniture
Erlesen - Fine Quality
Gehört zum Appartment der Kurfürstin - Part of the private apartment
Unsprünglich - Originally
Entstand um - Was Built
Die Taschen - Pockets?
Die Schlösser - Castles
Herunter - Down
Enthälten - To Contain
Platin - Platinum
Die Friseure - Hairstylist
Der Hörladen
Die Höhe
Belohnen auftanken
Jubiläum - Jubilance
Wiederholen - To Repeat
Warum gibt es Frauenparkplätze?
Mord im Paradies
Haptik Möbel
Das Modus - Mode
Zu vermieten - For Rent
Zu verkaufen - For Sale
Büroflächen - Office Flats
Bruchhausen ?
Stroh ?
Fahrsicherheitszentrum ?
(Das?) Landwhirl - Roundabout
Das Zementwerk - Cementwork
Mieten - To Rent
Dafür - Regardless
Rettungswege Fire Lane
Eternit ?
Die Himbeeren
Die Birne
Der Pfirsich
Die Feige
Die Dattel
Die Brombeere
Die Erdbeere
Der Spargel
Die Bäkerei
Das Kundenparkplatz -
Die Kontaktlinsen Contact Lenses
Die Einbahnstraße - One-way Road
Sinnahn ?
Das Architekturbüro - Architect Office
Gesundheit bewegt uns
Ich werde diese sparen für einander Tag
Der Spielverderber - Referee
Untfair - Unfair?
Geschmacks Test - Testing Test
Gewürzgel - Ingredients?
Die Kittel - Cow's Stomach
Analust - Analyst?
Die Konzerne
Unkrolliert Katastroph
Wandern - To Hike
Walküre - Valkyrie
Ankommen - To Arrive
Ausgang - Exit
Zwar - Although/Indeed
Du bist einsam
Du hast frischen Atem
Du fühlst dich getrogen
Ich genieße Einsamkeit
Ich erhälte adrenalinstoß
Ich bin Wüstehunderz
Dankbar - Grateful
Sammeln - To Collect
Die Sammlung - Collection
Die Kuplung - Clutch
Abbiegen - To Turn
Trotz - Although
Ungefähr - About/Approximately
Das Verb
Bombastisch - Bombastic
Tauchten - To Bathe/Immerse
Verschoben - To Offset/Malign
Tauglich - Capable
Die Gefahr - Mischief
Der Fetzen - Tatters/Rag
In Fetzen - In Tatters
Assortieren - To Assort
Das Aussortieren - Selection
Ausortieren - To Reject
Das Gewissen - Conscience
Annehmen - To Accept
Veröffentlicht - Released (adj.)
Rennen (Spiel) - Racing (game)
Zählen - To count
Die Hure - B$&""tch
Fremd - Strange
Anmelden - To Sign in
Die Feder - Feather
Die Bahn - Path/Lane/Way
Der Strauß - Ostrich
Der Anstrich - Paint
Die Jagd - Hunting
Die Äuserung - Expression
Die Schanze - Jump/Entrenchment
Der Stiefel - Boot
Das Vermögen - Ability
Besonders - Unique
Die Beleidigungen - Insult
Rauh - Rough
Das Sprießen -Germination
Probieren - To try out
Sprießen - To Sprout
Faust - Fist
Draußen - Outside
Das Glas - Glass
Das Ergebnis - Result
Die Ergebnisse - Results
Ausgezeichnete Ergebnisse erzielen - To perform strongly
Geplante Ergebnisse erreichen - To achive planned results
Die Ebene - Flat/Surface
Die X-Ebene/Y-Ebene - X-plane/Y-plane
Die Fläche - Flat/Surface/Area
Das Erreichen - Achievement
Erreichen- To Achieve
Das Gerüchte - Rumour
Das Erzielen - Achievement
Im Verlauf des Tages - Over the course of the day
Kneten - To Knead
Versagen - To Fail
Gerben - To Tan
Das Gerben - Tanning
Beruf - Job?
Erzielen - To Attain
Gießen - To Spill 'Es gießt'
Das Kübelsitzwagen - Bucket seat car
Verzichten - To do without
Der Gegner - Foe
Die Gegnern - Foes
Der Schauplatz - Setting/Location
Glaubhaft - Believable
Verstständlich - Understandable
Deutlich - Conspicuous
Ästhetik - Aesthetics
Abstoßend - Repulsive
Drang - Stress
Die Fächer - School Subjects
Das Früstück
Das Mittagessen
Das Abendessen
Am das jüngsten gekauft - Latest Purchase
Spezifisch - Specific
Terminiert - Time-phased
Messbar - Plumable/Countable
Werden Zellen - Will do (Work)
Befreien - To Release
Die Ihm Folgen - Whoever Follows Him
Selbstmörderisch - Suicidal
Schwören - To Swear/Commit
Das Kabel - Cable/Cord
Das Ziel - Target
Der Depp - Fool/Oaf
Errichten - To Build/Erect
Erlösen - To Release/Delete
Erlösung - Salvation?
Erfüllen - To Fulfill
Das Gesetz - Act
Die Ehrfurcht - Awe
Die Bewunderung - Admiration
Das Gemüt - Mind
Zunehmender - Crescendo
Die Ehre - Honor
Zusätzlich - Additionally
Begünstigen - To Prefer
Defäkieren - To Poo
Hör auf - Listen Up
Düfte - Cute
Urspünglich - Originally/Primarily
Vernehmlich/Vernehmbar - Audibly
Die Wille - Intention
Ehrlich - Honest
Dutzend - Dozen

Maximum Tune
Wangan Midnight

A sense of discomfort and shame to which I cannot accurately express
I'm not anxious to be included in any social groups, which is something I have publicly acknowledged without hesitation.

Ich schon habe dir geholfen

"You would have to be allergic not to like this" -Michael Lenoch

McCarthyism - Censorship in 50s

Having so many people compliment you on FaceBook doesn't equate to anything meaningful other than an inflated, undeserved ego in life. Case and point, Patrick Mulchrone virtually every day of his life. Oh yes I did. This man has a confused perception of his personal image. He claims he is modest, yet unashamedly calls himself a genius in the same breath. This man is a neurotic egotist who sees miles of depth in his own personality just because he can do so without social condemnation or excommunication. He has the power to do such a dispicable thing, and thus, he shall.

The Wreck of Medusa - Shipwreck of French people during restoration post the French Revolution in Senegal -- Canabalism

When filmmakers attempt to provide comedic relief throughout the duration of his or her largely serious-toned film, they run the risk of potentially  disappointing a great fraction of the filmmaker's audience. This happens as comedy is subjective and largely based on contemporary times.

I play video games to escape the day to day monotony of society
Ambient dissolution
Mental Ripeness
Social Commentary

Writing prompt: A man who works in the gaming industry, lives in an old house, the house is musty, and he risks the possibility of killing his wife

With all the wrote, overly formal responses, the rattling airconditioning vent, vying for prominence in competition with the ambience of the fans.

Figured me out Dsi remix

If America hadn't existed, the world would be a very foreign place to us all.

The people you are surrounded by is the sort of person you shall become.

I write with my eyes and read with my lips,