Sunday, February 7, 2010

Everyday Tool, or Celeb in Disguise?

ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6th this trendy hipster was spotted lighting up LA's swanky sunset strip, hitting up nearly every bitty nearby, while managing to post up in Chipotle, a fav among many an effeminate fashionista.

This unknown coolio was seen at approximately 12:37, clearly after some massive ravage, [as evident by his slouched stance]. As far as we can gather, the dude's shades are going up for sale on eBay for $400, apparently "4 HAITI", the user selling the spectacles goes by the name of XxXP_Money420XxX.

That sure is a fine scarf if I do say so myself... Flammen like scarves... Ahem.

Zac Efron, say hello to... well, let's just call him XxXP_Money420XxX for the time being.

Stay tuned!