Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Blog about a Blog: Something I actually care about

In my journalism course here at Marquette, I am beholden to produce content for my new Weebly site. Visit my site, if you so dare.

It is pitiful. I never wanted to make it. Nor cover the Virginian-Pilot. Who cares about mainstream news? Not I.

I bit my lip and continued to write for my journalism course. A few days prior, though, I created something I am truly proud of.

That is My brainchild. My life and love centered around cars, all wrapped up in a hard, candy shell. Or website.

So to turn this blog post into more of a persuasive essay, why can't I simply continue perusing a form of journalism for which I actually give a you-know-what about? It makes no sense. None whatsoever.

I recently read chapter two of JournalismNext by Mark Briggs, as per class assignment. And everything  the book described were all the trials and tribulations I am now facing with MarquetteMotors. So why can't I go forth with MarquetteMotors, rather than fiddle around with a silly, user-UN-friendly, unintuitive Weebly, for which I have little care or concern?

In fact, I am learning more with my own website than I think I ever will with that silly Weebly site. And most of that information is self-taught!

I figure this comes from me actually caring about what I'm writing about...? Small wonder, Marquette.

I care about my topics, I care about being ahead of the curve, I care about producing content on a daily and thus, timely basis and most of all, I care about my readership. All of which was described by JournalismNext. So don't tell me I didn't do my homework.

Evolve, Marquette University's journalism program. Evolve.