Sunday, December 14, 2008

Education versus Intelligence

Before fully understanding each side of what the words educated and intelligent imply, allow me to go about defining each word.

Educated obviously denotes the undergoing of some sort of learning, as the word intelligent implies a sizable mental capacity, or even an immediacy in one's mental acuteness.

Also, it may render vital to have the definition of stupidity into the mix as well. The word stupidity expresses little or no keenness in intelligence, or a dullness in one's mental depth.

Now the purpose of all these definitions I've compiled is to differentiate the slight connotations each word possibly holds by the perception of the common people. Also to make note of how I my words were either terribly misconstrued in the post 'My Gripe on School' or I didn't understand an objective perspective of school.

I think now I can logically come to grips with schooling and 'the typical student' I went heralding about as being 'uneloquent, unexpletory of articulate thought, and unimaginative', as now I've turned on school and apparently as my grades have as well.

But to fully gain an understanding of my perspective, I think it's necessary to note I currently attend a rather prestigious school in Chicago -- one that I've never been so rigorously abused by, and got 'the short end of the stick' in terms of my experience and grades. As I mentioned in the post 'My Gripe with School', I expressed a somewhat strong dislike for what school has to offer, and school's restrictive technique of teaching, and how that directly correlates to students' linguistic abilities or disabilities -- as well as how I feel linguistic ability is possibly the absolute most essential proficience in virtually any industry.

I think I can fully admit to a sense of failure and a slight self-rebellion -- as that is evident due to my wild, un-methodical, and largely illogical style of writing in that post. I think there's a balance to intelligence intensity in expression and to deliberate, sound education. (Now we're full circle)

Education is led by another individual, or possibly many, and in that post, it was not the slightest of my intention to imply individuals educated by others are inherently stupid. But what I did intend was what I felt about typical students' lack of imagination -- and obviously I'm generalizing, as there's very little likelihood every single student in the world is uncreative, and relies on his or her teacher for vocabulary and various word manipulations.


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