Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Glaring American Issue

I can write and argue all day as to what I disagree about American society -- their favorite sports, their political leaders, their military decisions, the foods they eat, the reputations they boast, and the arrogance that they wear on their sleaves. But one problem that is endemic to all of American life is how prevalent industrialism is. Workaholicism, or the hobby of working-overtime seem to be purely American innovations. Wherever you look - in absolutely every sector of our homes and lifestyles - are shaped around work, or recooperating from excessively long hours of it. Our environment, our understandings of happiness, our glorifications of these utterly secular lives have all but aided us in a blatant pursuit to lose sight of quality family and individual values.

We understand happiness in the form of a new iPhone. We see success in a businessman or businesswoman's new Porsche. And most sadistically, we are willing to risk the health and safety of the environment in order to benefit ourselves.

Yet this collective mentality only remains so resilient for the sheer amount of supporters that thrive on its existence for food, secular goods, and most enamoringly, social acceptance. It's like a party. You're either in it or not, and if you're not, or was not at one point or another, you can detect the flaws. And if you are "fortunate" enough not to have ever seen its rough underbelly, then you simply keep sipping your Kool-Aid, and defending your so-called beliefs from the "haters", until one day, you realize it's all a big sham.

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