Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Head is Not Working

Someone tell the doctor. My head is not working,
I yawn and yawn all day until my cheeks have stretched themselves silly,
My eyes tear after this strenuous activity,
And I lack much of any ability to focus or concentrate,
As of now, I am scatter-brained to the fullest, and sane to the least,
I do though have a stringent desire to do well, to create and think in my less than ideal state,
But whenever I make any attempt, my efforts prove fruitless.
It is a tragedy.
When the thinking man wants to think, he is tired.
But when the thinking man has already thought, or allowed his thoughts to pass, he partakes in more mindless, dare I say "mortal", "hedonistic" activities that only mere humans would consider enjoyable, and academics would consider "bourgeois".
Now after committing this nonsensical expression to blog format, I am somewhat content.
At least more content than I was a few minutes prior.
Now, I think I should heed my body's way of saying "you're tired, go to sleep!"

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