Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Giving Up Facebook for Good

This past Lent, I decided I would try to be "cool", and give up Facebook for the next 40 some days to come.

I successfully resisted any and all temptations in the form of iPhone touch-notifications and emails to signify Facebook updates.

I did not look on Facebook once to get a scoop on so-and-so's Junior prom dress and so-and-so's latest embarrassing binge party with those tacky, red Solo cups. At first, I felt left out of the social scene, but by and by, I began to enjoy the metaphorical
"silence" of not hearing people parrot a given popstar's latest refrain, or megaphone totally useless and irrelevant thoughts and YouTube video links on each others' walls. This was nice for once. Finally, coming home after school meant I truly was coming home, without having to hear people's otherwise annoying rants, and not being jealous or caught up with a friend of mine's posting of a video on so-and-so's wall and not mine. Facebook is nit worth worrying about or dealing with.

I am glad I gave it up for Lent so that I could discover that my life is not only easier, but more enjoyable without it. I will use it very sparingly only so that I can arrange parties, keep people up-to-date on my car, and send private messages. No more of this profile picture business or needless drama and jealousy surrounding people posting on each others' walls and never my own.

Facebook all but made me feel social. Very few people ever took the time to private message or chat with me, and only a handful ever posted on my wall for the three years I have been a member.

By in large, goodbye Facebook. And wow, is that satisfying to say, that I am no longer a slave to the mass-market, mainstream obsession!

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