Thursday, January 19, 2012

What the World is Becoming: According to the Internet

The world is in total disarray. People don't believe in anything anymore. People are growing up skeptics, unhappy hedons who want nothing else but a lower drinking age, to have sex with whomever they may please, legalized drugs, to be removed from any sort of religious or cultural obligations and to access all media free. This emphasis on pleasure will yield unambitious individuals in society and result in a loss of ethical values. Technology will progress in accordance with the law of diminishing returns, and eventually plateau for this betrayal of goal-seeking behaviors.

The only arbiters productivity and advancement of society are those who disdain from said shallow activities. As society gives the norms of yesteryear a greater metaphorical middle finger as time goes on, and deliberately rebels, more are encouraged to join the revolution. And this is for worse. Little do people realize is that when they pursue unethical behaviors, the will go along a downward spiral of mediocrity, never advancing. Aldous Huxley predicted correctly in his novel, Brave New World, only in ours, soma can be equated to drugs, sex, alcohol, and a lack of order. It appears only the destruction of all establishment will satisfy the constantly complaint-laden cesspool of individuals who make up modern society.

Today, people don't live in the moment, they don't live to find love, or live a virtuous life. Rather, they live solely to experience pleasure.

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