Saturday, November 30, 2013

Her words are asinine,

So much so it takes time,
For her to think of a rhyme,
And to perfect it to sublime,
She is loyal to her last name,
Lazy and all, yet all the same,
She directs all her efforts towards herself,
The polar opposite of Santa's selfless elf,
She hogs our wares,
And never cares,
She speaks without thought,
Apparently she, from school no intellect has brought,
Which is incredible, surprising, and shocking to say the least,
As if the transformation from a man into a beast,
No capacity of thought, abstract,
As if to suggest we reenact,
Laws, prohibitive, and obsolete too,
You may think her effect spans to all but you,
But sadly you are wrong my friend,
As my sister's effect bears no end,
It is thoroughly contagious,
Like bacteria, spontaneous,
I can not explain its ability,
In order for you to see,
The commonground, the marketplace,
Everyone with the same face,
It's a party each night,
Please don't get a fright,
Of the social image you're developing,
How people perceive you and everything
It's an assembly of self-absorbed people,
I understand if it's that you don't feel,
Quite so connected,
It's about being respected,
Those ignored,
Open the door,
By themselves, lonely, alone,
Recommending to throw a stone,
At those impostors,
Those clowns without word,
Spewing from their mouths, flies tubby custard.

Written 9.24.09

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