Friday, March 20, 2015

Goldilocks' Ego

Blonde women, but mostly dyed ones, are the sort of individuals who perceive they belong to an exalted sect of society; a higher order that need not toil with us lowly brown- or black-haired nether-creatures (though they do not even belong to the "elevated" genetic group themselves).

Indeed, these "superior" beings care only to speak of themselves, improve their beauty and social status in superficial and inconsequential ways and publicly display themselves using as many avenues as humanly possible.

The whole reason for dying one's hair blonde, after all, is to gain the attention of the opposite sex as most men desire blondes over all other types of women. So it is the fake blondes who can be cited as the root of this pretension I so despise.

The vicious cycle at no point halts with men ever more deeply gazing at the golden passers by in public and conversely, the recipients of such gawking, in turn, receiving such generous boosts of self-esteem, an endorphin surge that only encourages the behavior to dye one's hair blonde, blonder and still blonder... Until there is no more hair to be dyed for it has been duly dyed to the point of dehydration.

Certainly, it must be noted (for I would otherwise misrepresent this social phenomenon), that far from every dyed blonde partakes in such behavior. Rather, it is the blondes who explicitly dye their hair for the crutch it will serve as the vehicle to further attention, attraction and ultimately—what virtually every woman seeks—love.

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