Saturday, September 20, 2008

Money? Who said money?

In defense of a few of your points:

Seeing as though the world, along with seemingly every other serious country runs on money and the desire for more money; wouldn't you too, if you were Sir Alex Ferguson, consider the fact that Manchester United is undoubtedly England's most prominent, most successful, and most capable group of players that indicate what can be achieved with a football: the hearts of millions, spanning the globe's limits, while winning countless silver wear across the world. By the way; you barely grasped my point. There is absolutely no drama in American Football, as every game is seemingly inconsequential. It doesn't amount to anything, or even matter if you're the absolute worst disgrace of athleticism ever to shear the eyes of people everywhere; the NFL will keep you in the league. As opposed to The English Premier League- where there is a constant struggle of avoiding the relegation to a lower league, where then the club suffers the consequence of being forced to build themselves back up.

Though Barclays and their entrepreneuring hoard of purchasing have bought out the rights to the name of the Premiership, do you think anyone will stand by that and call it that? And if you didn’t notice, the NFL is by far the least modest company to ever exist, and couldn’t care for the meek amount of money to purchase the rights to the NFL name that would dwarf their inestimable amount of other sources of revenue.

-Michael Lenoch

Oh and this is a testiment of how dedicated Football fans are even when there isn't something on the screen; American Football fans are easily impressed, and casually spectate, as the lion's share of American football's success is the food that millions of overweight fat American retards gorge themselves over each game.

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