Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not to offend, but it's purely my opinion

Notice how seemingly every young boy, growing up, aspires to a certain college; whether it's due to his father or mother is an alumni, he likes the school's college, or he's retarded enough to assess his favorite team by choice of colors and a pretentious clothing line.

Regardless, unfailingly, it seems every one of those young boys, whether they may have been you and your friends or not always cling to the absolutely most distant college scattered throughout the United States, and never support any local colleges, unless they currently attend a local college; in which case no longer would be a "young boy". Furthermore, that seems a testament to how crappy America can be-everyone seems to want to be or otherwise seem different to support a different team.

That's why I personally love real Football; European Football. There's no manufactured drama, no over-exposed internal struggles within each club or advertisements. There are true supporters who will stop at nothing to see their club's game; and there is no truer emotion presented than the emotion that Football induces. There is cultural pride, national representation; where I can feel that a language can represent a nation. Football is also monumental and instinctive- a cave man could understand it- yet it compels the world to this day. And by its monumentality, there is a fine distinction when a goal is scored, and the time that leads up to that crescendo of skill, talent, and a little luck. The fact that goals are scored so infrequently only justify the time investment even more, as the buildup to such as shining star of a moment is inconceivably rewarding and nigh indescribable.

That is solely why Football is the world's sport, and decimates American football; I don't think I can name a single other person I know that can react so strongly, so passionately, so devotedly, so intensely, so enduringly, so lovingly to the spirit, the game and the experience;

God Bless the REAL Football.

-Michael Lenoch

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