Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Call of Duty: World at War Beta Impressions

Call of Duty: World at War Pictures, Images and Photos

Call of Duty World at War is by the comparatively [to Call of Duty 4] short time I've spent with it obviously attempting to imitate Call of Duty 4, its highly successful predecessor in a multitude of ways. One being the forced inclusion of all the subtle quirks that made Call of Duty 4 a smash hit; notably, the unoriginal flow of the multiplayer, where 3 kills earns a reconaissance plane, 5 kills achieves a positioned artillery strike, and 7 kills assigns an unguided attack of savage dogs. All of which are unabashed counterparts to Call of Duty 4's UAV, Airstrike, and Helicopter. My main arguement is largely concerning the very bare differences Treyarch have proceeded to implement to distinguish their plunge into World War II more than what seems to be an expansion pack for Call of Duty 4, but with new scenery and weapons.

Call of Duty World at War has virtually no redeemable features unique to Call of Duty 4, aside from the already exhausted context.

This makes me suspicious as what we may expect to see in the coming future for the Call of Duty franchise, and the potentially perpetual loop of Infinity Ward revolutionizing the concept of shooters, while Treyarch copying their success by the most accurate attempt; at least, by this point, this is what I see happening.

Time will only tell.

-Michael Lenoch

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