Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Michael Lenoch's Definition of 'intelligence' (Unedited, Masterful, Yet Fully Insane Prose)

As my perspective and experience may reveal, people who are generally considered to pertain to at least a substantial amount of intelligence are thought of as individuals who read last night's homework, or scored an A on that test. Before I delve into the many dimensions and my intrinsically deep thoughts that encompass my perception of genuine intelligence, my theory of true intelligence may be most accurately compared to what one may call 'street smarts'.

Along with that, I feel intelligence is most accurately defined as if an attitude or enthusiasm towards learning and a constant strive and intrigue to gaining more and more in-dept knowledge. Intelligence is not the 'teacher's pet' who directly parrots what is in the text book. Intelligence is rooted by clear, concise communication that somehow allows a debater to be openly willing to acknowledge even some of his faultiest ideals, and seamlessly reversing them to benefit himself and his cause he stands for.

Intelligence may very well pertain to egotism as well as what the 'intelligent' one may feel; superiority. Intelligence may be in one regard; reserved, logical, sensible and humble thought. Intelligence may be figuratively embodied by a man who makes accurate critiques, making the world universally better in an innumerable amount of ways; some may call an example of this a Renaissance Man (though this depends solely on the stupidity of the average folk to once lend their attention to this man)

It seems as though intelligence in society today is viewed as a diploma, or solely by the proof of completion of a rigorous course; not sporadic, spontaneous, brilliant thought (which makes absolutely no sense to you, I’m sure). I suppose by the aforementioned theory, intelligence is a constantly daunting task of positive impression to others. There are inestimable fashions in which to either achieve, or simply attempt to achieve a truly intellectual, profound thought through expression (which may be inherently redundant).

Intelligence is accumulative, ultimately timeless, tireless, requiring incredible meticulousness, and assertiveness; rendering it solely the world’s most profound, existential and important aspect of life. both now and 2000 years ago. It is abstract. It can be attempted to be portrayed, but will only be met by failure; I am a failure solely for attempting to do so.

Intelligence is above all, incredibly achieved by self-discipline.

-Michael Lenoch

Oh and I’m the guy who got a C in my English class- grades do not, by any means define your intelligence!

UPDATE (10-24-08)

Along with this deep fascination, I proceeded to ask a girl in my United States history class precisely these words, in the least condescending, most objective fashion I could possible speak; "Do you perceive yourself intelligent?" But keep in mind, as our conversation made evident, she is possibly the most egotistical, self-indulgent, self-loving prick I've ever met; an absolutely snarky little nerd at that.

I am a new student at Saint Ignatius, and have had what seems to be a booming successful peak in popularity, though it could potentially render entirely meme-like and a fraud of many mutual relationships. This girl, on the other hand, gave me no such respect. After asking what I thought of as the most objective, least offensive question inquiring her own perception of her intelligence could conjure up, she immediately fired back 'I never asked for your opinion', in a quintessentially decisively girly type of way. Having a boy nearby yell out the culture sweeping 'oh!', had me fed up, and forced by my teacher then to stop our groups' work and listen to what he has to teach.

Being suppressed by the teacher's lesson, I had an incredible amount yet to express. I initially felt she was arrogant to go so far as to unabashedly declare how intelligent she is directly due to her grades, which seems exactly coherent to what I was mentioned previously on this post of how American culture overly emphasizes good grades, and assumes good grades equal intelligence. BUT NO

Our teacher came around to each group as we worked, assisting if need be. I could tell, this girl was an expedient worker, but had absolutely no originality, no uniqueness, no ingenuity, no intrinsically profound thought to rattle the ages with splendor in language; simply verbatim to our teacher's words in the assist he provided for our group. Incredible. What a retard. A person who cannot compose such unrelentingly profound thought, but a person who receives As, does not an intelligent person make. She immediately assumed her superiority in intelligence and omniscience.

What an indescribable prick.

She is exactly what I previously mentioned, and is by every regard possible unintelligent, but self-gratifyingly intelligent by these meaningless qualifications she set before herself, and deplored what brilliantly un-graspable concept I attempted to articulate.

Pure and utter hubris

-Michael Lenoch


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