Sunday, February 22, 2009

Battlefield 1943 Impressions

Battlefield 1943 Pictures, Images and Photos

Considering that I'm what one might call a Battlefield afficiando among small circles, particularly's message boards, Battlefield 1943 is a game that I don't exactly know what to expect from. Battlefield: Bad Company, a console-exclusive first-person shooter [released August of last year], was a game that seemed entirely based around destructable environments. By my perspective, it was a horrendous game that had so few redeemable qualities other than the unique destructibility offerings.

For better or for worse, Battlefield 1943 is also based on the Frostbite engine; the same one that Battlefield: Bad Company was based on. Let's just hope there's more variation than miles and miles of sparse land and uniform destruction throughout what seemed to be all the buildings and structures.

Given that Battlfield 1943 will also be on PC, I can only hope to see more powerful weapons than those of Battlfield: Bad Company's; Also, the ability to lie down would be rather nice.

Battlefield 1943 Pictures, Images and Photos

Wishful thinking for this new Battlfield...

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