Sunday, March 1, 2009

Killzone 2: Video Impressions

Considering that I currently have a broken Xbox 360, I have entertained the thought of buying a PS3 a hefty bit. The PS3 was the system I initially planned to purchase even prior to the release of the Xbox 360, and when I was still playing my PS2 (Although I still do to this day). The PS3 seemed to me as the ultimate system, admittedly, this opinion was formed solely by its slick exterior design. Now there is one game that has caught my eye a considerable bit; Killzone 2.

Having a broken Xbox 360 means I play Battlefield 2 on my well-equipped PC as a relatively poor substitute for Call of Duty 4. But after seeing a few videos of Killzone 2, the game seems a fair competitor in the first-person shooter realm of Call of Duty 4 knock-offs.

Although I'm not what you may call a reliable source for what Killzone 2 truly has to offer in terms of gameplay, what is evident from the videos is everything dedicated Call of Duty 4 fans, such as myself would be pleased to see. The classes aren't entirely customizable, as Call of Duty 4's were, but various perks from each class such as the shock paddles from the medic class and any other perk from another class can be combined to your particular liking.

But what I find most amusing is the gratuitousness of the gunplay in the game, coupled with the feature that Killzone 2 and Battlefield 2 share in common -- a state of shock that the player who would otherwise be dead falls in that allows a medic to come rescue the incapacitated player. There is not only that, but what's more is the fact that in Killzone, you can shoot your befallen enemy to a messy pool of blood. Never in a game have I felt such a sense of joy emerging from gruesome violence -- not even in Gears of War or Gears of War 2.

I've heard that Killzone 2 makes you feel less as agile and as athletic than Call of Duty 4. At first, I found this slightly dismaying, but then I realized how comparatively little tactical experience I have had throughout my entire time Call of Duty 4. Given the fact that in Killzone 2, there is a constantly changing multiplayer mode that consists of three or more different multiplayer match types (For example; Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and in Killzone 2's case, Search and Retrieve. Sound familiar? I thought so.) in a single round the time it takes to find players and enter that match is considerably reduced, but also a fair amount of variety is thrown into the mix.

All in all, if I had a PS3, or if I were to ever acquire, purchase, steal, or come across a Playstation 3 console of my own, you can expect me to be playing Killzone 2 quite a bit.

This is my favorite video.

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