Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crysis Wars Impressions

By: Michael Lenoch

Today, I have nearly spent the entire day waiting, anticipating, and going through the steps necessary to download Crysis Warhead. The time it took to download the game wasn't due to my internet connection, but rather my own ability to comprehend the IGN's Download Manager and the uncertainty if the game was being installed to my external harddrive. Anyway, I'm sure this is very interesting. You might want to hear about my experience playing the game? Probably not. Too bad, I will regardless.

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First of all, I must address the fact that in Crysis Wars, Crysis' multiplayer suite, does include the ability to use all the abilities featured in the single player game; armor, strength, speed, cloak. This does make the game stand out from the plethora of imitation-quality first person shooters out these days, those of which attempt to grab a piece of the Call of Duty 4 pie. Although there are only very few similarities between Crysis Wars and Call of Duty 4, Crysis manages to make its own fast-paced fun. Crysis Wars, however, doesn't mix up the gameplay by implementing Call of Duty 4-style perks, but instead, the four aforementioned Nano-suit abilities.

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Granting the player to make appropriate use of the four abilities is for better and for worse though, especially in the multiplayer setting. Given the fact that armor allows increased bullet-proofing, strength provides higher jumping and stronger melee attacks, speed gives the player faster running, cloak makes the player transparent, and these abilities are all accessible at any time, this game is a recipe for chaos. And how chaotic this game is. Hypothetically, you're attempting to play as a sniper with limited movement and while using the cloak ability so you're not spotted by your enemy. This can be tremendously inconvienent, especially when you're enemies are jumping 15 meters in the air, while simultaneously traveling at incredible speeds. But of course, this heavily depends on the people you may be playing with and their skill. But what makes this game truly distinctive aside from the spectacular graphics, is how this game allows you to play it in any way you desire; hidden, methodically, or rushing past your enemies with speed.

Unfornately, from what I've played, this game seems to suffer from slightly unbearable lag. Crysis Wars' lag only seems to make your enemies disappear, and in very rare instances, limit your movement for a short period of time. The weapon customization doesn't quite compare to games like Call of Duty 4's though, as custimzation is done on the fly, and the attachments you are allowed to choose from are entirely based upon the particular weapon you picked up. Keep in mind though, there are not any classes in Crysis Wars. This can be at times somewhat frustrating when you spawn in front of someone who has had the opportunity to pick up a shotgun, while you're stuck with your comparatively puny sidearm. Weapons range from a few imaginary rifles to real-life guns that nearly mimic Call of Duty 4's selection in its assortment and variety.

All in all, I cannot stop comparing games to Call of Duty 4, and Crysis Wars is rather fun.

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