Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Paragraph-Worth of Thoughts on Super Paper Mario for Wii

My Spring Break ends this Sunday, and I'm spending my break in Marco Island, Florida by playing Super Paper Mario on Wii, soaking up the sun, and by dwelling on the beach, and in the pool. To my surprise, I'm finding the Super Paper Mario part of my trip spectacular, presumably because I've never dared to play or even purchase a Super Paper Mario game. Super Paper Mario for Wii seems to be a much more inviting game relative to the previous Super Paper Mario installments that emphasized the role-playing aspect of the game. I would imagine that would be due to how integral platforming is, and how little a role the RPG elements play in the overall game. All in all, due to the lack of intense RPG elements, and the astonishingly unique 3D to 2D perspective-shifting gameplay, I can confidently say I'm enjoying it!

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