Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Average Video Gamer's Claim to Fame

Video gaming as a hobby can be described as one of the most thought-provoking activities one can do. By that fact, video gamers represent a rampant desire to express themselves by accessing internet message boards, online clubs, or any other community-based video game website to get their word out there just like any professional video game journalist would. Exactly as I am doing right now; writing to ultimately lead to my anticipated claim to professional fame, thousands of other gamers, equipped with very similar aspirations are doing the same. So the question is; how can I literally rise above these brainless laymen and become known in the gaming industry? Obviously, I am no expert of this, as I have no past experience and have not been recognized in any meaningful way by the gaming industry as a whole, but I do have some theories that may aid in your, and if not my own attempts to verbalize the average gamer's supposed claim to fame.

Many times I have heard the vague suggestion to 'be different', yet have never had any concrete description as to what I should do in order to scrounge my way out of this cesspool of highly enthusiastic, but truly not very skilled writers known as the enthusiastic video gamers of the world. Hopefully I can provide some first-hand insight that will brighten your trail to understanding your task at hand. To be 'different' in terms of writing means to use words in new ways, to not be afraid to take risks, and to go out on a limb, while not using any clichés or too many terms you have heard in the past. In fact, the most amount of learning is done when you take risks and are creative in your endeavors. But you should always keep in mind the professional writers out there that you so greatly admire, and truly observe his or her personal style of writing. And remember that a strong writer stems from an even stronger foundation, so reading is essential.

Writing is a hobby that needs to be honed constantly. If you choose to write every day regarding topics you are not truly very inrigued about, you may as well find yourself writing very bland, uninteresting pieces. Choosing the right time to write is crucial, as you will astound yourself with your colorful language, descriptive depictions and enthusiasm that simply bleeds through the pages. Unlike the typical mindless gamer racking in thousands of gameplay hours, you will surely rise above their puny stature by gauging your own amount of enthusiasm at a particular moment and capitalizing on that very enthusiasm at its peak. Yet the only problem that obscures your view of your goal that you've worked so hard to achieve is garnering an audience.

In all honestly, this is one area that I have miserably failed at. Given my blog's pathetic popularity, this is only evident that this is something that I need to work at. I can talk and write all day how to approach the gaming industry as something to reap profits from by writing, and certainly writing about video games you love is fun, but making a fully realized execution in doing so is a dream by my perspective, never realized. Anyone who has ever visited my website seems to have done so only once, and must have been disappointed by my latest offerings -- my only recommendation to alleviate this is to group up with some buddies of yours, and to take on this uncharted gold rush of fanboy-oriented websites and numerous throw-away reactionary opinions called the internet with full force.

Hopefully, armed with these three suggestions, you will be prepared to take on the gaming industry that has been begging you for years to tap into. Who knows, maybe you're the world's next great writer.

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