Friday, June 26, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay at E3 in Words

Lately, I have been doing everything but writing, and it is apparent how desperate in need of stimulating that skill I am. So to stimulate my writing skill, (and because I'm out of ideas for writing prompts now) I think I should as accurately as possible describe the Modern Warfare 2 gameplay that was featured at E3. Here it goes.

You witness your resilient companion, Soap McTavish smoke a cigar to the frigid scenery surrounding you. Your path ahead is uncertain, but you know you must carry on. Your confidence is still strong, as you can hear the beat to your heart. Speedy aircraft soar overhead with tremendous velocity. They appear to be MiG-29s. Soap commands you to get up from your break as he tosses his warm cigar down the ice-patched cliff. You clench near to the cliff wall to hold on for dear life while you look down the deadly descent that looms before you, inciting paranoia in your every muscle. You look to the side where Soap is facing the very same fear you are for comfort. You eye Soap's dangling rifle, knowing that that is what will potentially save both your and his life. Soap orders you to cover him, as he scales the ice cliff with every remaining ounce of strength he remarkably still has. He draws his ice picks, and brings himself up with incredible effort. By the time he nearly reaches the top, he assumes all is well, and there is nothing to fear. He has you follow him with little precaution. You climb the arctic wall with equal strength demonstrated by Soap, watching each cracking section of ice permitting your ascension. Two more unknown aircraft pass by, as Soap is blown, he grips for his life with one hand. He recovers with little effort, and arrives at the top of the treacherous cliff. Then as you make it to the top of the cliff, you gaze at Soap's daring will, while he leaps off the very cliff you both worked so hard to scale. You do the same with a running start, grasping your ice picks, as they begin to allow you to drift, Soap valiantly comes to your aid. You reach the bottom of the cold path, dangling one ice pick, and looking down to the gargantuan descent. Then your other ice pick, which is still attached to the freezing path is released from the slide, as Soap grabs you by the arm with immense courage, saving your endangered life.

----------------------------------IN THE INTEREST OF TIME----------------------------

Then, you and Soap roam the windy territory, spotting enemies worth your bullets. You fire your silenced rifle like a natural. You hear malicious yelling in Russian through the foggy land. Your heartbeat detector mounted on the side of your rifle indicates the presence of multiple targets. Then, feeling confident, you run past a truck, knifing a devilish Russian wearing a fear-inducing gas mask. Then you enter a building with a rounded roof, firing at an enemy through glass bottles. Soap has you lay low, as an enemy truck passes by. You walk by an airstrip, seeing the same MiG-29s that nearly blew Soap off the cliff earlier. You reach a fueling station, placing C4 on the indicated area. You're then hurled into an intense firefight that has you take cover and skillfully pick your shots within stunning time. A couple of snowmobiles with two riders on them each jet toward you, as you fire at the riders for your own safety, they fall into the snowy ground to their deaths. The action heats up while two snow-uniform clad Russian soldiers approach you with weapons ready. Your fast reflexes show that they don't stand a chance against your unbeatable force. You run past the smoking, singed debris that resemble airplanes, and use it as a decoy to run to your safety. You run towards a large hill, and safely slide down the soft snow, firing at a few enemies that followed you to the hill. Two more snowmobiles race past you. You watch as Soap manages to strike one of the snowmobile riders with his ice pick to his death, falling off the quickly moving snowmobile into the soft snow. You then take to one of the vacant snowmobiles, and maneuver the relenting terrain, along with its rigorous jumps and slopes. You take out one of the other snowmobile riders moving alongside you with your trusty Glock automatic pistol, held sideways. Finally, you reach the last cliff. You fearlessly take it head on while riding your snowmobile. And you are safe.


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