Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Rhyme

I see a girl, should it be my sister,
Barefoot, she is reluctant of the prospect of a blister,
Here she goes, once again, yelling a great bout,
Of something that truly doesn't matter, nor worth even a shout,
Be it of her hunger, an MTV celebrity,
This teen has no limit as to how she will express her extremity,
Laughing obnoxiously, and belching rather vulgarly,
I can't bear to stand by another giggle, however foolishly,
I must go outside with great haste,
If not, to another distant place,
Her intellect is thin, as evident from her humor,
It is IQ-depleting, I must say, as if not to start a rumor,
No articulation, or value of thought,
Lacking of any linguistic skills, they are something that unlike math, cannot be bought,
I cannot stand Jessica, I must be out.

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