Sunday, January 3, 2010

America the Beautiful?

The air smells,
While the industrialism swells,
Little unity ensues,
An outraged woman, another drunk driver sues,
People disagreeing in yet another fit,
Will people in this country ever get along, will this year be it?
People constantly rushing, there's no stopping this urge,
No matter, what I say, people will continue to carry out their daily surge.

Maybe it's that I seek for a mere scapegoat,
Something I decide to blame, whether it keeps this country afloat,
Is it my fault, for I do not search for the ideal nation,
That sought-after concept, on their lips, spreads elation,
Is it that I simply choose to live in dispair,
For that I care about petty, little things like our air,

Or maybe I'm truly the one that's right,
And that all we do in this country is resort to fight,
For it's the "American way",
And we don't care what "they" say,
Because we're America,
And we're always the ones who are right,
Right for the cause, and you guessed it, again, right for the fight,

So you see, it's this silly pride I detest,
And if this country were at all consistent, and only occasionally not of two minds, then I'd surely forget all the rest,
But sadly, that's not the case,
For had it not, then I'd never be running this unending chase.



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