Monday, March 15, 2010

CyberPunk -- Abstract Prose

If you are not yet familiar with the term, "Cyberpunk", I strongly suggest you research the topic before you make any attempt at calling me an apocalypticist or an alarmist.

The edge of reality, the lowest of souls, forced to thrive in a troubling society in which crime and corruption run through the veins of the everyman. Computer domination, computers everywhere, computers in your head, computers on your mind at any given moment. A "whimpy" government gives rise to a youthful rebellion, man's answer to his own artificial creation of "artificial landscapes", while enormous multinational government corporations make up the world's military forces. Nihilistic forecasting is only paralleled by uniform and overwhelming transhuman behavior -- surely the result of years upon years of unavoidable internet use.

Yet on the other side of the spectrum, these "criminals, outcasts, visionaries, dissenters, and misfits" all expect more from their lives, ultimately to only compound public stress and anxiety by expressing their inner worldviews and outragements, caused by prior generations that thought it was okay to go outside of the box, to do the unexpected, the unheardof, the unthinkable. This happens because of overpopulation and crowding, a lack of emphasis and priority on nature; and because of this, man forgets his purpose, becomes a mere slave of the ever-growing economic system that ostensibly yields no gains other than a reliable source of bread and water -- the rations of a poorman. The rations of the poorman that serve no other purpose than allowing him to work and act as one of the innumerable pieces of the worldwide puzzle.

Human bodies are reaped for their sheer ability to produce, but not create. For their ability to survive, but not to thrive. The human body is invaded by modification and a "ubiquitous datasphere of computerized information." Humans are expendible and knowledge serves the commonfolk, there is no longer an explicit class system, but that doesn't stop people from forming groups of their own -- most people are now strangers to one another due to the utter number of humans occupy the earth and its resources as of this writing.

The past is known, but has been forever lost by today's minds through neglect, ignorance, and forgetfulness...
... the values of yesteryear are now obsolete...


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