Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The World is in Flames, America totally SUX, and MORE!

It's a rare occurrence for me to become so flustered by current events that I feel the intangible need to take it out on my keyboard.

But wow. Is Chicago messed up, or what? Day after day, newspaper after newspaper depict houses burning, children being killed, police officers being outsmarted, and family members grieving in the wake of whatever such and such event devastated his or her family. Earthquakes, killings, hurricanes, and common destruction flood the covers of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times that lay atop my kitchen's granite countertop -- illustrating a far less desirable world, a world that if any of us supposedly right-minded individuals were to come face-to-face to such a happening, would be revolted by every profound sense of the term.

Now after weeks upon weeks of hope-free media coverage, I'm taking this upon myself to RANT a rant never seen before. Here we go. You have been warned.

The Chicago government -- what a sad excuse for an organization. I may be blissfully uninformed, but can someone please explain to me why nothing ostensibly ever seems to get accomplished here? Whether it's the poor economy, the lack of American jobs, the need for American jobs, or even the lack of money in order to enstate these purportedly life-saving American-based jobs, desperate fingers invariably manage to point in one direction, while avoiding an admittance of failure on one's own part.

Whatever, this country can tear itself apart for all I care -- no one listens to anyone, everyone simply acts as if they may be listening to the opinions of the public, then sits back down on their armchairs, pretentiously show a bit of concern, then loftily dispose of the horrid idea. Arrogance, failure, blame, laziness, an obsolete governing system, disagreement, vengence-fueled fury, this is in fact the city that never sleeps. We all just hate each other all that Goddamn much. It may be race, long-standing grudges, gangs, genders, political affiliations, or even God forbid, religion that separate us. But one thing is clearer than it ever has been -- this so called, "CHANGE", this biblical proclamation Barack Obama has famously claimed we are all in dire need of is not in fact true. What we quite simply need is unity. And knowing the American people, that will inevitably never happen. A kind, respectable American man is few and far between -- they are the ones that are out and about, not driving in their own cars, watching TV in their own homes, or ignoring celebrations and doing whatever he or she may want -- they go and interact, connect, and join in celebrations with others, they are the true patriots, they are the true kind men and women, they are the peace-makers, and blessed are they.


Patrick said...

1. New York City is "the city that never sleeps", not Chicago.

2. "Unity" was a Barack Obama campaign slogan, in addition to "change".

3. The your criticisms seem to be more directed at the federal government rather than the Chicago government.

4. Americans aren't the source of all discord within the human population.

5. This blog is in German.

Attention to Detail said...

1. By saying, "this is in fact the city that never sleeps.", I was trying to communicate, with the help of the phrase, 'in fact', that contrary to the common phrase, 'New York City never sleeps.' -- Chicago, instead has taken its place as the city that IN FACT never sleeps. I was trying to take a contrarian angle with that sentence.

2. Needless to say, I barely payed any attention to 2008's Presidential Elections. Red, and Blue. Obama, and McCain.

3. I did my best to preface my opinions by indicating how little knowledge I have of much of any government organization. I suppose I'll need to make that more obvious next time.

4. I understand this, but 'at the same time' (a phrase our dear Ryan uses quite often), most of the issues I cited were internal, and largely committed by U.S. citizens to U.S. citizens.

5. I am sorry your Blogging experience has not been 100%.

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