Thursday, May 19, 2011


In the midst of my search for a BMW E30 (1984-1991 BMW 3-Series) I encounter a hell of a lot of "seller-speak", or in other words, seller BS. Craigslist sellers, while they are for the most part either credible, or made up of ads generated by dealerships in a utilitarian attempt to get the word out about their cars, they have their share of equally bad ones.

Some sellers I have seen claimed their car was "rust-free", while piles and piles of that horrible bronze material graced a number of the car's panels.

A more common thing to see not only Craigslist sellers say is something along the lines of '...the car's in good condition, I just haven't had time to replace the engine fan belt", or the radiator, or the camshaft. The seller, right after saying this, will claim ''s an easy fix' just so they can unload their problems onto you in exchange for an amount of money they never deserved in the first place.

Be wary, fellow car-seeker for these two potential scams.

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