Friday, May 20, 2011

Thanks A Lot, Sis!

This morning, Friday, May 20th my sister was in a hurry, as she typically is. But without a ride today, she was in a particular hurry. And in this particular hurry, she proceeded to romp about the house looking and asking various family members for the keys to my car.

Initially, she went to my room expecting to get them right then and there. Yet, I was in the mood for some hardball. I lied when she asked, saying that they were in the drawer near where I put my shoes.

She scoured, ripping out each drawer in that room with vigor. And later went upstairs yelling at my mother. She came a second time, as I tossed them across the hallway before she could get there. Then she called me a "fucking asshole". For what purpose?! I thought I was being nicer than most brothers by giving them to her period. And she could have at least thanked me. Well now, I don't think I want her driving it ever again, so that was possibly her last chance.

As she was loading her things into the car, I walked up to her, asking "What was it that you said to me?" She replied, "Fine, punch me!" Adamantly, I said, "I'm not going to punch you!" She again said the expletive she once called me as I responded with, "You're not driving." She then threatened to key the sunroof of the car. I'm not sure what that would achieve though. She rarely is ever logical, even when she isn't in such a fit of rage. As she hopped in and turned on the car, I went to open the passenger door of the car to talk to her.

Then unexpectedly, she decides to floor it, backing the car up with its door open and me in its way into the trash bin, hurling me backwards. Further giving credence to stereotypes about women and driving, she shifts into drive as if to close the door.

Now, the scalp on the right side of my head is loose, making me worry, but more so making me wonder why I have such a maniacal sister.

I am in a mood more than ever to say horrible things about my sister, but with graduation right around the corner, I will decide against it.

What I said is purely factual, not exaggerated or hyperbolic whatsoever. I'm angry.

Now, I can't bear to think of the damage she has caused to the car; the inner door panel, the door hinge, and maybe even an outward dent! Oh the horror for my baby to face! My first car. This is a BMW, which is not German for Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, nor "Beater". This was a car worth upwards of $30,000 when new. My sister is no doubt going to wreck my beloved when I'm gone. She's just that careless.

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