Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freshman, Freshman, Freshman!

About this time in Summer 2010, when I was going into my senior year, I had planned to be "wilder". By "wilder", I mean more enthusiastic, more friendly, more energetic, and exuberant, and excited and virtually anything else that implies energetic and extroverted joy. For the most part, I succeeded. But this time around, going into my freshman year at Marquette University, I plan to be yet "wilder". I have a world of impressions to make, and I don't intend to do poorly. I hope to be more extroverted and conversational than I ever could have imagined. Never will I indulge on speaking about myself; and I will always ask about the person I am speaking to.

It won't be a big deal if I'm not best friends with my roommate. I will sit at lunch with whomever I am compelled to, I will be myself in every way possible, and won't be afraid to say what I think or feel. And most importantly, I will have fun.

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