Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Musing: Drafting Women

Unless I am mistaken, (which I am quite often) why are women exempt from the draft in times of war?

Thankfully, we have not witnessed the need for a draft for some time now, but should it ever arise, I believe women should be included. After all, just as men, they have had the great privilege to live safely in the United States with a wealth of rights no where to be found in many other nations throughout the world. Also, at age 18, women, again like men, have the right to vote and conversely don't have the right to drink, and should therefore serve their country accordingly, like men.

It has been proven many times over in history that women are much more capable than serving as a seamstresses for military uniforms and equipment and fabricators of military implements as they were restricted during the World Wars.

Finally, if the U.S. intends to boast about its principles of equality, this is a step it should take, unless it has already been done so despite what the feminists have to say.

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