Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Raving Good Time!

After much deliberation, my long-anticipated high school graduation party has been completed. Today, (or, well yesterday at this point) marks the date I had planned for the party a week and half in advance. And it happened to fall on a Wednesday, as opposed to a Friday or Saturday for the simple fact that I wake up early on Saturdays for work, so Fridays are out of the question, and all the rooms for every Saturday in seemingly all of summer is booked. After checking to see the availability of the rooms week by week via text messages to my parents during the slog of work proved fruitless for weekend dates, I decided it to be advantageous for a weekday party.

So it was settled. The DJ was prepared for that Wednesday, as was I. Immediately after discovering the confirmed date, I did my damnedest to get the word out through Facebook, which proved somewhat troublesome with people's snide comments on the event wall and unreliable promises whether they would come or not. Also, with the party placed inconveniently when people have work the next day, are tired from their day of work, or are out of town due to summer break, I lost a number of potential party guests.

With that in mind, time passed, and anticipation grew, as did the Facebook wall comments and the number of guests claiming they'd go. Drug and alcohol-related jokes were thrown around on the wall carelessly, as if their parents or future employers had no idea what "a" Facebook is. There were questions asking if ecstasy would be served, if people should bring their syringes, etc. The joking got old, and my event description got serious to the point where I gave ample warning to the consumption or bringing of alcohol into the party, and cited that if such instances should occur, my family's business would get sued in the midst of the already grim financial situation we find ourselves.

To be continued...

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