Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twittery Behavior

The internet and all of its interworkings, as cliché as that is to say, promotes shorter and shorter attention spans than ever before. Deceivingly, it seems for better that the internet encourages a thirst for knowledge, but for many, such information is often quickly forgotten minutes after research. This is due to the seeming infallible accessibility and reliability users take for granted whenever surfing the internet.

Users exemplify their "thirst" in their keeping of constant tabs on the every whereabouts and actions of their friends via Facebook, their favorite celebrities via Twitter, and news via Yahoo, AOL, NewYorkTimes, CNN, or any given trustworthy online publication.

Along with promoting a thirst for knowledge, the internet unfortunately also promotes the disposability of knowledge, and thus, the compelling, riveting life stories published in novels. An entire sector of the internet's users' brains is shut off due to disuse. True intelligence, rather than dexterity is becoming less common, nigh less fashionable. It is becoming mockable to explain oneself or his or her actions with any degree of wit. I believe this reality is intertwined with society's long-standing obsession with all forms of hedonism or pleasure, and thus, satisfaction with the state of things constantly being "good enough" over intently pursuing the betterment of circumstances. Look at the economy. Many liken it to a "pit", or a "ditch". Both connote an inescapable state; a desperation. When in actuality, a little optimism, hope, and effort go a long way, and can render such "pits" or "ditches" a thing of the past.

Apologies for the abstractness and perhaps overwroughtness of my writing, I concede them.

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