Monday, March 5, 2012

JDM Lowrider Subculture

Recently, a whole subculture of "slammed rides, yo!" has been brought to my attention (in rather a stylish fashion). The once-totally unbeknownst to me hobby of capturing the beauty of cars by emphasizing their colorful paint schemes, their low ride; camber, wheels, and the closeness between tire and wheel arch.

Here are some choice examples of cinematographic glory. (Quality cinematography is one of the few reasons I'm willing to sit through Top Gear USA's drivel).

I'm a sucker for a great camera angle!

Addicted to well-placed lens flares!

Look at that! Man o' man! And listen how well they capture that exhaust note from that E36 M3!

(Above) has to be one of the best videos! I think that's the single one that got me hooked looking from link to link, subscribing to more and more YouTube channels, scouring day-in, day-out... Yes, I'm an addict.

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