Monday, June 4, 2012

Düsseldorf, Germany: Day 7

Yes. I have been in Germany for officially a week. Not much happened this Sunday.

I tried to go to mass, however like most Catholics, had an excuse lined up. No, it wasn't that I didn't have any time, or that I had to drive my kids to soccer practice or had a family function going on. Rather, it was raining. A lot. And in my case, I have to walk everywhere. That is, to the bus stop or the train station.

Yes, pretty poor excuse, I know. But now, I know where the nearest church is and I don't even need a bus or train because it's so close. It would help if I asked my host family more questions...

Sadeq and I went on our [now] usual run and ran a fair distance in the drizzling rain. Along the way, he criticized me for waiting for him. So, on our way back, I decided to continue on based on what he said. I sped off, and without me Sadeq doesn't run. So we got totally separated and I thought he was going to try to keep up. But no. He began to walk. I stopped to stretch and waited for him, but he never showed up. I turned around and ran back and still couldn't find him!

As I turned around yet again, I saw him down the sidewalk. I ran, then walked, then creeped. In a poorly executed attempt to scare him, he found me first.

Again, not much else happened this Sunday. I blame it on the horrible rain that has been down pouring for the past four days! Something like this in America would never happen! If anything, it'll rain for all of a couple of hours. Although, I suppose that's how there's so much Grün (foliage) in Germany. And for that, I love it. But for the viel und oft rain, not so much!


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