Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Düsseldorf, Germany: Day 8

The video speaks for itself, leider. 

A short rant on America's effect on Germany's media and sense of style: 

In the same way that Americans take pride in the things they enjoy and immediately label them as "American," Germans do the same. Americans, for example, falsely believe that the car is an American invention. It's not. Contrarily, it's German. 

Germans, on the other hand, act as if all the American-sourced music they listen to is their own. 

Additionally, it's funny to see how quite obsessed with America Germans are. Their media is dedicated to Hollywood and anything famous and American. Many a German has responded with lit-up eyes when I tell them I'm from America. Partly impressed with my German accent
and mostly star-struck with thoughts about Hollywood and the music industry. 

Young German men have even taken to American baseball caps (which has been an immense source of frustration for me when they don't even know what baseball is!) and for some reason or another, high school football jackets. What's next, lacrosse pinnies? I think someone could make a killing selling those here...

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