Monday, March 4, 2013

I Need to Get off from my High Horse

When writing, I feel invincible. I can say (or say I will do) anything I want. The pen (or in this case, the keyboard) is my sword, slaying any injustice or wrong I see with the world I can imagine. 

But often, and I admit this, I get rather carried away. 

I take things in real life too personally. I see too much wrong with the world and am sometimes not willing to acknowledge someone else's perspective on the matter.

Worst of all, I have this inner, fervent desire to promote and push my opinion on others. I post my opinions to this blog so as to function as a public diary. So people can read them if they wish.

My writing is juiciest and most controversial when people actively seek out what I wrote. And that can be good for everyone reading and bad, as we've learned, for the person it targets. 

It is a bad habit. But to be a good person, I need to admit my faults and admit when I screw up. 

I need not be so arrogant as to make a point that it humiliates, insults or offends someone. 

People don't like their bad parts shown off to the world. 

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