Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daily Women's Rights Activists

I am fine with women's rights. I am not some behind-the-times, nearly-senile, old fool who cannot come with grips with the sheer fact that women, unbelievably, are also human beings.

However, when it comes to my new job (as a parking lot attendant) I cannot stand one peculiar character quality.

That is, the sense of entitlement some of the particularly female parking structure patrons feel to outrightly ignore every last action I perform.

I am not a rapist. I am not a sexual predator, offender, or whatever deviant description you wish to throw at me. But some women sure act this is to the contrary. So why do you show such ambivalence to interact with your friendly parking attendant at every last opportunity you have?!

At least give me a smile in return!

There are far too many female patrons to count who are in such a hurry, who are so self-centered, so aggressive, so impossibly late for appointment x that they cannot so much as give me a thank you.

No, my job is not an exercise of sainthood. It is not an unimaginably selfless task I perform each day; it involves simply letting patrons through the fiberglass gates.

However, if you could just, for a mere moment, remove your blinders, and realize that there is a human being inside the booth that is letting you through the gates, in the very same way you so gravely value your human being-ness, and give me some sort of acknowledgement. Rather than hiding behind your Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, your leather-wrapped interior, and your name-brand everything to be so militaristically, stoically inhuman!

 There is a women's revolution happening. And some, not all, women seem to feel it is their inalienable right to act like (forgive the term) utter "bitches."

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