Friday, January 14, 2011

Andy Molnar

Andy Molnar is one of my best friends, but at times, can be a mortal enemy with polarly opposite views.

For example, we may disagree in terms of tastes and preferences, political views, religion, drugs, ect. When I disagree with him though, it is often because much of what he believes in, in a rather post-modern sense, has no base, no standard, no strict parameters from which the idea must not deviate. To specify what I mean, he commonly embodies a "live and let live", or "screw the haters" mentality that is aggravatingly inconsistent and frequently is contradicted by Andy himself.

For instance, Andy is an adamant supporter of hip-hop and rap, decrying anything and anyone who doesn't like the exact same music as he does: I call it arrogance. With especial regard to his tastes in video games, anything that's not a Halo or a Call of Duty is in his mind, "wrong": I call it immaturity. And anyone that is not in total favor of the Xbox 360, Andy deems idiotic: I call it xenophobia.

Mouse and keyboard, arguably the best interface for gaming, period, Andy sees as "lame". World of Warcraft, the single most popular game in all of time, which boasts 12 million plus players, countless awards, and some of the highest praises from the media, Andy sees as "gay". Playstation 3, despite its incredible breadth of software, free online service, and revolutionary PSN games, Andy understands it as "stupid".

So as you can see, Andy is tremendously biased, rarely is ever willing to see an issue from another side, and can't bear to understand anything unless he tries it himself, and even at times, he still can't reconcile with the quality of something he once denounced.

But all that doesn't detract from the fact that he still remains one of my best friends. I love you Andy.

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