Friday, January 14, 2011

Stamping Out Feminism

In my understanding, for which women will obviously and invariably deem as "ignorant", there is no need for Feminism. Feminism is like a Gay Parade, an obsolete and ineffective Civil Rights Movement that bears little relevance today. We know you're all females, but you are not necessarily better than us males, nor are we necessarily better than you all. You don't need to boast so indignantly, to trumpet your feminineness to the high heavens. We already know you are a female, your favorite color is pink, and a good chunk of your friends are homosexual males, or so our preconceived notions tell us.

Equally, us males are not constantly lost, directions-refusing buffoons who must act like mindless primates in order to interact with our supposed "man side", despite us all being, deep down, skirt-wearing pansies. We are not results of stereotypes. We can multi-task just as well as your secretary likes to brag about. And on that note, even we can be secretaries too! Heck, why not even nurses.

If you couldn't tell by now, I am an adamant egalitarian. I don't believe in Feminism, and much like our Feminist-aware society, equally don't believe in Masculinism. (Which is humorously evidenced by Google Chrome's signature red line that highlights the obscurity of this term I clearly just made up, "Masculinism").

Back to the point (see, right now I'm multi-tasking. Look at me world! I'm better than you!) Feminism was once a necessity, and I will concede that unequal wages between the two sexes is an increasing issue. When Feminism was in vogue, there was a palpable need for it: women didn't have the right to vote, were excluded from many sectors of society, and were prevented from owning property among many other crying issues. And yes, in the Middle East in particular, the blatant inequalities for which women must suffer are severe, arbitrary, and often tragic, and those very cultural boundaries should be pushed forward, questioned, and challenged, displaying the true power of women. Unlike some superficial, glittery, flowery, pink-and-purple sticker you put on your lunchbox that says "Girl Power", the power of women speaks for itself, and they are just as much a force to be reconciled with as men.

In an attempt to avoid the unavoidable, I shall start this paragraph off with the weak "I think" line. So, I think Feminism in Europe and North America has a far smaller place in society as it once did. I believe Feminism needs to be pushed outside Western society in places such as the aforementioned, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America, and less as emphasized in our societies where women largely share identical rights to those possessed by their male counterparts. But I deliberately use the word "largely", as I am aware that not all equal rights have been fulfilled, so take my statements with a grain of salt, please.

So in closing, men should not further succumb to Feminism, and should not be forced to tolerate this prideful celebration of womanhood, especially if there is not an equal celebration of manhood in place. (You more snarky Feminists out there would likely argue that pubs and sports bars already make up that void, but the same could be said about your excessive boutiques, hair-styling salons, designer clothing, shoe, belt, scarf, watch and sunglasses brands).

So I leave you with this, Ceteris paribus.

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