Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gender Dynamics

Male, female. Female, male.

Do I offend you whether or not you are female or male, or you are male or you are female based on the order I list the two genders? This sensitivity, which seems to be part of the average female and male psyche, oftentimes clashes with one another. In modern times, you see Feminism receive wide acceptance, and Misogyny to be denounced just as widely. Out with old, in with the new, or as post-modernists would say, "Out with the Church, in with Atheism".

Both sexes have distinct versions of egotism. Whether my observations are unfounded, here is what I conclude; males think of themselves are hard-minded, disciplined, dominant, brawny, while females commonly are egotistical in the way they seek to promote themselves, typically aesthetically, and also socially. We're seeing a growing movement of women object to their lack of "rights". I deliberately impose quotation marks upon the plural subject that has come to denote ability or liberty for the sheer fact that the assessment that women lack "rights" is completely unfounded.

What is true is that women lack equal pay of their male counterparts, but it seems the more liberal, those who are leading-the-Feminist-charge-women have an insatiable thirst for "freedom" (despite them possessing it already).

An apt metaphor to this situation would be a father, representing the state, or the government, or what have you. Objective in [its] pursuits, caring, yet bold, and will bend over backwards for justice and liberty for all. The state has two children, Billy, representing the male contingency, and Sarah, who represents the female contingency. Many years ago, Billy could drive his father's car whenever he would like

In retrospect, and after reading this metaphor I crafted, my male perspective speaks for itself. Not only using a father to represent the state, but also subtly listing Billy before Sarah hint at my slight favor for malehood. And why not? I am a male after all. Am I to forget about my rights, my dignity, and prioritize female rights over my own, and thus, in an extreme string of events, become a Feminist? No. I am to bend over backwards, just as the father did to ensure that justice was kept, in my examples so as to merely keep any female that reads this happy? No. There are many, too many in my opinion, proud females that will incessantly decry males and invariably cite the merits of females over their counterparts.

But the truth of the matter is this: I am a male myself, and there is no separating anyone from any inadvertent prejudice, blatant, nor subtle. But despite this, we should strive to maintain stability and equality of rights: not give in to the petty demands of females, and not promote Misogyny in our population by making males too powerful. Yes, it is a change in the tennants of our social fiber. Yes, it is a tangible change that may be seen as a post-modern betrayal of yesterday's values. But instead, it is a push forward that will bring an end to xenophobia.

What will bring this to fruition is the ban on Feminism. Sounds extreme and unreasonable, I know. But Feminists only bring chaos to our system, their demands are outrageous, just as the dismissive behavior of Misogynists. And if Misogynists have fallen out of favor within the last 30 years, soon too will Feminists. It seems, Feminists have solely garnered support because at one time, they were the underdogs, the maids, the housewives, the underbellies, and the cookers, the cleaners, the stay-at-home-moms of society. As we see this increasingly change, the more I feel we should see Feminism fall out of favor for it is unnecessary in this day and age.

Egalitarianism should be met with open arms, and we should look at each other for the humans that we are--not necessarily forgetting the differences that each of us have, but rather than decrying those differences, we ought to celebrate them collectively, as a family, as friends, as sisters and brothers, as a society.

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