Monday, February 24, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 1

I feel I've gotten the raw end of the love deal all my life. 21 years old and yet no significant other, nothing apart from being kissed by two girls and kissing one while on the verge of being black-out drunk.

I'm not in the slightest afraid of girls and find it quite fun actually. Most of my friends here (30 or more) are girls and I find it most stimulating to talk with them over their male counterparts for both the interesting perspectives and level of energy they offer but also how they can continue talking on-end, which could not be more ideal for a German major, studying German language in––you guessed it––Germany. 

But there's a certain disconnect for me when it comes to getting intimate with one girl. I feel girls don't want to be kissed, touched nor have sex. So, being the (perhaps) feminist-minded, modern male I am, I put myself in the shoes of virtually every female with whom I interact and ask myself, "would I like to be treated like this?" The answer (when the male's action includes touching, kissing, etc.) is often no. Or so I think. 

Is it simply that girls, due to society's pressures, act as if they want nothing intimate because peers will label them as a "slut," "whore" or otherwise? How naïve am I really? 

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