Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No idea. I was clearly in love when I wrote this with what must have been the 40th girl.

I love everything about you,
But if I tell you that,
It would both ruin the mystery
And spoil the surprise. 
In all honesty though,
I don't quite care if you find someone else,
So long as we can remain friends;
As I would rather be friends with you forever than have a relationship with you for a month, only to have us hate and unable to stand one another. 
But if we could have a relationship together without it getting stale, 
Now that would be a marvel. 
And that could last forever. 
However, at this moment,
You are likely wondering what I want. 
I don't know what I want since all I like is spending time with you. I don't know what love is since I've never had it; I've never had a relationship nor sex. All I do know is that I've never felt I've had more fun spending time with you than any other girl before. I can happily do nothing with you; waste away the day, without the slightest care. Yet alone, I am laser-focused on my next task. But with you, nothing else matters than earning your next smile or laugh. Perhaps it's sad I'm a virgin and have never had a girlfriend before and thus don't know what I'm looking for. But what I fear is that if I look for another girl while I'm waiting for you, I will miss out oh the brilliance you are. 

Yes, I have been deliberately vague with you, but that's been because I've been explicit with other girls, giving away my deepest feelings away far too soon and easily and in turn, scaring them all away, one-by-one. Perhaps you're different. No, I know you are. And in the best way possible. But I always wonder (as I'm sure you do), "Am I worth another person's love, time and attention?" 
Yes. Absolutely. You. Are. 

If you will let me be myself. If you will love me for who I am. Then I will love you. 

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