Saturday, February 1, 2014

Massively Inadequate

Perhaps I have never had a relationship because I had always felt inadequate compared  to the confidence-carrying, high head-holding masses that convince me I'm mentally unstable, when in truth, the people who appear happiest or best off are actually the opposite. Now how was that for a run-on sentence? 


Partack Marcron said...

Eh, you don't want German girls anyway. Just start preparing pickup lines for our fine specimens here, raised on a wholesome, all-American diet of sugary alcoholic beverages, social media, and "Say Yes To The Dress".

How is Deutschland though? Do you have a car? Do you race said car that you may or may not have? Do you have a killer apartment w/ killer roommates? Are you exposed to a steady stream of quality German electronic music? Do you reflexively begin to lavish praise on Edward Snowden whenever you detect a whiff of anti-American sentiment?

FlammBlog said...

Read my latest post, you may like it. I talk about myself in third-person like a tool. Which is cool and stuff.

Germany is spectacular. Don't care for the depressingly gray winter days, but it beats snow and cold of any kind. Getting a car soon. Perhaps in March or so. I will drive it on the 'Ring. Not racing this car, though. I'll try to buy a seat with Rent4Ring, in their fully race-prepped BMW 125i.

Not a fan of German EDM. At all. It's robot sex, minus the creativity.

I'm more anti-American than I care to divulge about.