Thursday, January 30, 2014

Driving Lessons

Twelve hours of my life,
Could have been spent acquiring a wife,
Or learning a new instrument,
Rather than driving streets, so bent
This, I already know,
Yet I must an unqualified teacher show,
That I can operate a vehicle,
In a way that differs from the average, foolish people,
Yet these are the transgressions that I must serve,
Should I need them, or rightfully deserve,
But t'is not the question,
Should it be appropriate, or lacking direction,
I must conform,
And arduously perform,
In order to achieve a grade,
That will hopefully have a driver of me made,
It's the law said my father,
Be it to me a convienience, or be something to bother,
What I could be doing during this time boggles the mind,
More so than ever possible by the streets, lined.


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