Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ignatius Internet

When a $13,000+ tuition affords you as crappy of an internet service as Ignatius' you have to ask yourself, what went wrong? For starters, this year Ignatius added several new laptops to its inventory, further overwhelming the already sufficiently 'whelmed school bandwidth. The small bandwidth was clearly implemented as a cost-savings measure some time ago, presumably when we didn't measure memory in terms of gigabytes, or now, terabytes.

The internet is so slow in fact that to sign in to this page, I was forced to wait five minutes. Despite this sounding inconsequential and knit-picky this can seem ages, especially when we as students have very limited time as it is, balancing school, sports, extra-circulars, and whatnot, our relatively little time spent during free periods is valuable, and need not be wasted.

Consider fiber optic, Ignatius.

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