Sunday, March 27, 2011

To the Deliberately Different Folk

To anyone who refuses to use Google, iTunes or Apple products, YouTube, or Facebook stemming from a distinct attempt to simply be "different", I applaud your behavior. I experience similar angst whenever I use my iPhone (right now as I write this blog with it in fact!). There is something to be said about the way people flaunt their mass-market, populist devices. And whatever is to be said, I don't want to be part of it. I think it's the connoisseur in me, the film-noir fanatic, the intentionally anti-triple-A video game and blockbuster film gene in my blood that makes me want, at every opportunity, no matter the cost, to be unique, and unlike the ghastly "mass market", or plain Jane "least common denominator". I am someone who can't appreciate life's joys without analyzing them. I can't possibly bear to follow the crowd. But despite this, I sometimes do. Moreso out of necessity to 'get with the times', but I do nonetheless.

To all of those who use 35mm as opposed to digital, I understand. To all of those who have purchased Zunes, and not iPods, I'm here with you. To all of those who actively forced themselves to type in "" to try it out, rather than the ever-ubiquitous "", for which is now a verb and all you have to do to get there because you've visited it so much is type in the letter "G", high-five. And to myself, who has given up Facebook for Lent, great choice, and why don't we keep this rolling for as long as it will last, because we all know scouting people's Homecoming pictures, and copping to the fact that you "stalk" people is lame, and let's be frank about this, no one listens to what you have to say anyway, which is why I come here, my pedestal, where my words bear meaning. So much so that I got an entire sports team up in arms. The power of words is mighty.

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