Sunday, March 6, 2011

My "Gift to the World"

YOU KNOW WHAT? Believe it or not, blogging is my gift to the world. Whether I have evidence to back up the claims found in my posts is debatable, but just because my style of blogging is controversial or gets people up in arms doesn't mean this hobby is invalid or should seize to continue. In fact, I have a right to voice my opinions, no matter how hair-brained they may be, or however hair-brained you may perceive them to be.

No doubt I have a lot of things against America, like its drivers, its people, its government, but if I didn't tell you what I thought was wrong with it, I'd just be lying! The worst possible thing any journalist can do, amateur or professional, is tell a lie. Bias often creeps in to our newspapers, magazines, and websites in the form of advertisement pressure, "moneyhats", "SWAG", etc. (SWAG denoting "Stuff We All Get", rather than a rapper's version of Austin Power's "Mojo"). But my transparency, my honest-to-goodness clarity and self-criticism are what make my blog posts so unique and uncannily unbiased.

So if you disagree with my writing, that's quite a shame. Because I'm not going anywhere, and don't intend to any time soon. I have an opinion on almost any issue, and as the common adage goes, 'I have a right to voice it'.

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