Friday, March 4, 2011

Lax Bros, Please Forgive Me

I would like to offer a formal apology to any and all lacrosse players who took offense with my earlier post.

The reason I am presenting this apology is because a good friend of mine told me how much this coach meant to everyone. In fact, he said the coach acted as a father to one player who lost his father a year ago. I never truly understood the seriousness behind this firing until this was explicitly revealed to me.

I am not saying sorry however, in order to somehow regain the respect of lacrosse players for I realize it cannot be earned so easily, especially considering that I blatantly offended an individual so close to so many. For this, I apologize.

Just know that I was much too quick to jump to conclusions, and made far too many assumptions. I am sorry for this as well.

I am also sorry for voicing irrational and unfounded opinions that, despite being funny for possibly a moment, were only offensive and rude in the long run.

Whether you forgive me or not, please know that I am infinitely sorry for what I have said and no longer think in such a way. I am sorry to strike at such an inopportune moment as well, when the Ignatius community was at such an all-time low. I apologize for my lack of sympathy and imprudent words.

You can forgive me if you wish. I just want you to know how earnestly and truthfully I present this apology.

- Michael Lenoch

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