Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Nature of My Blogging

I have received countless remarks of acclaim, as well as criticism for my blogging style and the topics I cover. I can't help but sense I'm restricted at every opportunity to be raw and truthful with my readers in favor of a soft, plausible fallacy that both comforts people and makes them think they know the way I feel. I think this is too conventional. I don't like convention. So I decided to break away from this.

Thus, I am now, without restraint, going to tell you exactly how I feel at this very moment: like a caged animal. Furious. Irritated. Uneasy. I am furious that my truth is being oppressed. I am irritated that irritated that people take offense with my words, knowing that I am being as frank and honest with my readers as possible. And I am uneasy contemplating the number of times I will likely be sent to the dean's office for my sister's tattle-tailing tendencies.

I'm also not a fan of façades, or of people behaving in a fashion that is inauthentic and not true to themselves.

An interesting facet of my psyche is that I could never cope with being merely "average". So rather than being "strange", I have attempted to be "extraordinary". Whether this intent has worked or not, it has certainly worked in my favor somehow, no one will ever make the mistake of deeming me as "average".

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